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Consider the AADE Fellow Program. Deadline: April 1

Apply to be an AADE fellow, a distinguished group of diabetes educators recognized for outstanding contributions to diabetes education. More

AADE Blog: The pros and cons of insulin pumps

AADE blogger Amy Campbell is in awe of the wonders of insulin pumps. However, she would like to call attention to the adverse events that can occur when wearing them. Read more here




Webinar - Neuropathic Joint Disorders in Diabetes

Explore this common yet often undiagnosed problem in patients with diabetes. Register here



Webinar - DSME Program Management: Expanding your reimbursable services

Learn the wide range of benefits covered by Medicare to increase the sustainability and growth of your DSME program. Register here



CORE Concepts® Course- Orlando, FL

CORE Concepts® live will be in Orlando, April 16-18, 2015. Get a real-world overview of the field of diabetes education and care in this 3-day hands on workshop. Register here

Webinar - Focus on Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Where can they fit?

Review the approved products, trends and uses of low-calorie sweeteners to help people with diabetes learn the potential benefits of including these sweeteners in their everyday nutrition plans. Register here

Building Your Diabetes Education Program: "Everything You Need to Know and More"

Attend a one-day workshop to learn the knowledge and skills needed to build a successful diabetes self-management education (DSME) program. Register for Dulles, VA here