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National Practice Survey of Diabetes Educators

Check your email for a link to the National Practice Survey of Diabetes Educators! The survey gives us an snapshot of the profession and helps ensure that we meet the needs of diabetes educators.

AADE Blog: Therapeutic Touch

AADE blogger Barbara Walz reminds diabetes educators of the benefits of therapeutic touch when working with people with diabetes. Read her post here.




Webinar - Medication-Related Weight Gain in Diabetes

Some medications for diabetes are associated with weight gain. This presentation discusses this issue from the perspective of the diabetes educator. Register here.

Immunizations and Diabetes

Understand recent changes in immunization recommendations to be able to effectively education your patients with diabetes on the recommended vaccines. Register here

Building Your Diabetes Education Program: "Everything You Need to Know and More"

Attend a one-day workshop to learn the knowledge and skills needed to build a successful diabetes self-management education (DSME) program. Register for Dulles, VA here