Coalitions and Collaborations

Diabetes Advocacy Alliance 

The Diabetes Advocacy Alliance is focused on influencing change in the U.S. health care system to improve diabetes prevention, detection and care and to speed the development of pathways to cures for diabetes. Participating organizations include AADE, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Clinical Laboratory Association/Results for Life, American Diabetes Association, American Optometric Association, Medicare Diabetes Screening Project, The Endocrine Society, Vision Service Plan and Novo Nordisk, Inc. 

Diabetes Care Project

The goals of the Diabetes Care Project are to close the gap between diabetes patients and access to care, reduce the rate of preventable complications associated with diabetes, and demonstrate the value of diabetes management in achieving positive health outcomes and lowering costs.

National Diabetes Education Program  

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP), a government entity within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, seeks to  improve the treatment and outcomes for people with diabetes, promote early diagnosis, and, ultimately, delay or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. NDEP relies on collaboration with public and private partner groups, including diabetes, health, and community organizations and associations to develop and implement its programs.

National Quality Forum

The National Quality Forum is a broad-based coalition of healthcare and community leaders united by a common interest in improving healthcare quality. The group's mission to the establish national priorities and goals to achieve the Institute of Medicine's aid to provide healthcare that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable. 

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease is a national coalition of more than 110 patient, provider, and community organizations, business and labor groups, and health policy experts committed to raising awareness of the number one cause of death, disability and rising health care costs in the US: rising rates of preventable and treatable chronic diseases.

STOP Obesity Alliance

The Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance is a collaboration of consumer, provider, government, labor, business, health insurers and quality-of-care organizations united to drive innovative and practical strategies that combat obesity. The goal of the alliance is to go beyond awareness and consumer education efforts to identify and address systemic and cultural barriers that are failing to adequately support individual successes.

Taking Control of Your Diabetes

Guided by the belief that every person with diabetes has the right to live a healthy, happy and productive life, Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD), a San Diego based non-profit organization, educates and motivates people with diabetes to take a more active role in their condition. TCOYD also provides innovative and integrative continuing diabetes education to medical professionals caring for people with diabetes. They are best known for their national conferences that encourage individuals with diabetes to learn, laugh and live better.