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AADE and A to Z Health Create AADE HealthSlate:
A Tablet Computer Specifically Designed for Diabetes Educators

Complementary tablet provided to all AADE members attending 2013 Annual Meeting

For Release: August 7, 2013

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and mobile health company A to Z Health today announced the creation of AADE HealthSlate, the first tablet computer developed specifically for diabetes educators. HealthSlate provides a rich set of teaching aids, clinical resources, and patient management tools that help diabetes educators teach and support patients, increase the efficiency of their practice, and stay current on clinical guidelines and AADE programs.

All AADE members attending the 2013 AADE Annual Meeting can receive a complementary HealthSlate tablet. As a result, more than 2,000 tablets are expected to be in professional use by October 2013, which would represent one of the largest deployments of professional mobile health (mHealth) products in U.S. healthcare.  The complementary tablet program was made possible through corporate AADE supporters including Dreamfields Pasta and Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies, LifeScan Inc. and Animas Corporation.

AADE and A to Z Health intend to develop additional programs through which diabetes educators can obtain HealthSlate tablets, details of which will be made available after the AADE Annual Meeting ends on August 10.

Attendees of the AADE Annual Meeting can see demonstrations of HealthSlate at the A to Z Health booth (#849) and the AADE booth (#825).

“We are delighted to partner with AADE on the AADE HealthSlate program,“ said Dan Sheeran, A to Z Health CEO. “We hope AADE’s visionary leadership serves as a model for other leading associations and institutions to empower their professionals with mobile tools that can drive patient outcomes and lowers costs. 

HealthSlate Content

HealthSlate includes a rich set of teaching tools in English and Spanish that are based on the AADE7 Self-Care Behavior™ teaching framework, including:

  • Video, including more than 60 video clips organized by AADE7 topic
  • Animations, including approximately 180 animations for teaching insulin injection schedules
  • Games that can be used as fun group activities and patient knowledge assessment
  • Medications Guide
  • Diagrams of commonly taught concepts like Nutrition Labels, Plate Method, and Glucose Logs

The content can be emailed to patients, and because HealthSlate includes an HDMI output, the content can also be projected to big screen TV or LCD projector. Dozens of AADE members contributed to the content development, including clinical adviser and past AADE president Ginger Kanzer-Lewis, RN, CDE, past AADE president Marcia Draheim, RN, CDE, and Richard Arena, PhD, CDE.

Saving Educators Time, Saving Patients Money

HealthSlate can make educators more efficient in a number of ways. In addition to commonly used teaching tools it also provides:

  • A “My Patients” module that educators can use in place of the time-consuming, paper-based forms they now use to create patient goals and assessments sheets.
  • Alerts on topics such as clinical guideline changes, product launches and product recalls.
  • An AADE Resource module that provides many of the resources most commonly accessed from the AADE website,, such as reimbursement forms.

HealthSlate also includes a Diabetes Products directory to make it easy to find products relevant for each patient’s situation, as well as a Savings and Offers module to help patients reduce costs of supplies.
HealthSlate Details

HealthSlate is a dedicated device, not a general purpose tablet. It features a 7” display with USB, HDMI and micro SD ports. It uses the Android 4.1.1 operating system. It does not permanently store any patient information. HealthSlate requires periodic access to a WiFi network. More information about HealthSlate can be found at 

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