Technical/Advisory Committees

The following committees are charged with assisting the association with its various projects:

Professional Development Committee

The PDC is charged with the development of content for the AADE Annual Meeting. The committee reviews data from the annual Continuing Education Needs Survey and identifies trends and gaps in continuing education.

Professional Practice Committee 

The PPC is charged with the development of official documents such as position statements, white papers, technical papers, and any other documents that articulate the Association's views and mission. The PPC also tracks practice trends and helps position the Association and its members to succeed in the changing healthcare environment.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for defining, planning and monitoring research initiatives in order to develop the evidence, enhance the body of knowledge or evidence about diabetes education, and translate that evidence into practice.  

Taskforces and Workgroups

Periodically, the Association appoints people to serve on taskforces or workgroups that address a specific issue or related set of issues. They are of a limited time duration.