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Welcome to the first edition of the AADE Diabetes Education and Research Foundation’s quarterly newsletter – FOUNDATION MATTERS – we hope the name will mean something on more than one level. At face value it will provide information about the Foundation’s current activities or matters, ultimately demonstrating how those activities MATTER to you – the AADE Member. We hope you will take a few minutes to learn about the AADE Foundation and consider how you can support us and ultimately AADE.

Profile: Meet 2011 Annual Meeting Scholarship Winner – Sandra Chmelnik

Your contributions to the AADE Foundation are helping passionate educators like Sandra overcome huge obstacles to improve patients’ lives. Sandra is a Registered Dietician from Gilbert, Arizona. She is a new AADE member, who, thanks to her AADE Foundation Registration Scholarship was able to attend the AADE 11 in August.  Sandra loves the ‘a-ha moment’ her patients have when something she says clicks with them. Sandra moved to the US from Mexico several years ago, where she completed a bachelor’s degree and worked as a dietician. Once she arrived in the US she discovered that less than half of her credits transferred and that if she wanted to be a dietician here in the US she would basically have to start over. At first she decided against it and wound up working in a local pre-school , which she did not like at all – this caused her to have her own ‘a-ha moment’ and she decided to enroll in a local university to become a dietician – again!

Sandra learned about AADE and the AADE Annual Meeting while searching the Internet for diabetes resources and set her sights on attending an Annual Meeting. She knew her employer couldn’t provide her with resources to attend, so she was very excited to learn about our scholarship program. Her goal during the meeting was to learn as much as she could about group medical visits, which she did and brought back the information to the physicians she works with, who were very responsive to her suggestions.

When asked about her work with patients, Sandra spoke of an experience with a patient that changed her life and renewed her enthusiasm. This particular woman was very depressed about her diagnosis when she met Sandra and even talked about suicide. Sandra was able make an instant connection with her because they could communicate in Spanish, and the connection was further strengthened when they learned that they were from the same town in Mexico! After a few months of working together Sandra saw many changes in addition to helping her get her A1C consistently under seven, she started to look better physically – she began to dress nicer and even wear make-up. This experience was life changing for both Sandra and her patient. Sandra said that it “really recharged my battery!” She is not currently a CDE but plans to take the CDE Exam in spring of 2012, as she is gaining additional experience through her work with Scottsdale Healthcare.

Your contributions can help others like Sandra have a great impact on their patients through opportunities for learning and networking at the AADE Annual Meeting. AADE Foundation scholarships help diabetes educators like Sandra attend our Annual Meeting each year.


Super Support for AADE Foundation at AADE 11

The 2011 Annual Meeting was very successful for the Foundation. Our Silent Auction was one of the best yet, raising close to $14,000 for our Scholarship Fund. There were a few competitive bidding wars, for items such as a Fender bass guitar signed by American Idol’s Randy Jackson - donated by Foundation Trustee Dr. Francine Kaufman, and an iPad2 donated by BD. We thank all of our donors and bidders for their participation. A full listing of donors can be found on the AADE website.

Foundation Chair, Paul Madden MEd, made a presentation and appeal to the audience during the General Session on Thursday, August 4. Hundreds of attendees answered his appeal generating over $4000 for the Foundation in one morning. We are very grateful for the support.

Over 300 attendees participated in our Mind, Body Spirit Yoga sessions, which were generously sponsored by LifeScan – local Yoga teacher, Caren Strait RYT of All About Yoga in Las Vegas, led the sessions with her fabulous student volunteers. All participants received complementary yoga mats.

LifeScan also sponsored the Foundation Reception held on Friday, August 5. This year’s Reception honored the 30-year anniversary of the Diabetes Educator of the Year program – at least ten veteran Diabetes Educators of the Year attended.

The Foundation also acknowledges Novo Nordisk and Abbott for their contributions. Each company made a donation to the Foundation for each attendee that visited their booth on the Exhibit Floor.


Attention Federal Government or VA Employees!

If you are a Federal Employee then you probably know that it is Combined Federal Campaign season. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the yearly workplace fundraising drive for Federal Employees. The AADE Foundation is a recipient of CFC funds though Medical Research Charities, and we receive a substantial gift each year from the Campaign. We encourage you to support the AADE Foundation with a gift or pledge to the CFC, our CFC number is 11718.


News and Deadlines

Current Grant Opportunities and Deadlines:

AADE Education and Research Foundation is accepting applications for our yearly collaborative research grant opportunity with Sigma Theta Tau International – Nursing Honor Society. Applicants must be members of both AADE and Sigma Theta Tau international to be eligible for consideration. This $6,000 grant is available for research on topics in Diabetes Education.

The deadline for application is Monday, October 3, 2011; the grant recipient will be announced in early 2012.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) and application are available at:

The 2011 grant recipient is Eun Seok Cha RN, PhD, MPH, MSN of Emory University – Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Her research project which began earlier this year, is called “ Understanding of Diabetes Self-management Behavior in Korean Americans with Type 2 Diabetes”

AADE Advanced Practice Community of Interest (COI) in collaboration with the AADE Education and Research Foundation is offering a grant for scholarship/graduate/doctoral work in the field of diabetes. The Principle Investigator must be an advanced practice diabetes educator (APRN, PharmD, BC-ADM, MPH, RD with Masters) with demonstrated expertise and productivity in the field of diabetes care and education. This $3,500 grant is available for a project/study of clinical or behavioral outcomes and/or current CQI initiatives within a DSME/T program.
Study/project should differentiate between:

  • Patient outcomes - which guide interventions and care improvement for individual patients, and
  • Population outcomes – which guide clinical, behavioral or programmatic services and CQI for the population served.

The deadline for proposals is Monday, October 31, 2011; the grant recipient will be announced in early 2012.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) and application are available at:

Look for information about new grant opportunities for 2012 in the December edition of Foundation Matters.


Awards and Scholarships

In mid-November we will post applications for the 2012 AADE Awards and Scholarships Program, expect more information and details in early November.

The deadline for Awards applications is Thursday, March 1, 2012

The deadline for Scholarship applications is Monday, April 2, 2012


Get Involved with the AADE Foundation


  • Make a gift to the Foundation in honor or memory of a loved one.
  • Provide names and addresses of your friends, family or colleagues that appreciate the work you do for people with diabetes, we will include them in our upcoming mailing.


  • We are seeking reviewers for the 2012 Awards and Scholarships program.
  • Help solicit items for the 2012 Silent Auction.
  • Organize a fundraiser for the Foundation in your town.

To make an online donation click here: https://www.diabeteseducator.org/Foundation/Contribute/Contribution.html
For more information or to volunteer contact: Laura Roth Konopken, Director of Development at (312) 601-4863 or lkonopken@aadenet.org.