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Whatever your professional goals or aspirations, AADE can help you navigate the journey by offering training, education and connections. Just tap into your very own AADE GPS to help you make the most of your AADE membership.


Find CEs, online learning, and face-to-face learning.

Find CEs, online learning, and face-to-face learning.


Find professional resources, publications and research.

Find professional resources, publications, and research.


Find patient tools and information.  

Find patient tools and information.


Find local, state and national events.

Find local, state and national events. 


Find members, diabetes educators and partners.

Find members, diabetes educators and partners.


Visit MY AADE NETWORK to connect and be connected.

Visit MY AADE NETWORK to connect & be connected.


Professional Education/CE

Professional Resources

Patient Resources



Awards, Grants & Scholarships

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You can choose from online – both live and on-demand – and in-person continuing education (CE) opportunities that are designed for diabetes educators. Learn new tools and techniques, and strengthen your application knowledge. As a member, you will receive a discount on all CE opportunities along with more than $630 of FREE continuing education. And we make it convenient to organize and track your education through the MY LEARNING portal.

New to the career? Check out our Career Path Certification Program .


Annual Meeting
As the largest and most influential event in diabetes education and care, AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition provides you a one-stop meeting for comprehensive updates, education, and information on current and emerging diabetes patient management issues and challenges. Connect with like-minded colleagues from around the medical community to share success stories and earn CE to continue your career advancement. Can’t make the meeting, consider the Virtual Meeting option.
State & Local Workshops
Around the country, AADE state groups and local networking groups offer a variety of programs from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Check MY AADE NETWORK for details.


Get more details by clicking on any of the options:

CORE Concepts® Course – Gain a real-world overview of diabetes education and access information on the latest in DSME. Live and online options are available.
Live Webinars – Tap the experts in the field for up-to-the-minute, in-depth understanding of diabetes education trends and topics. Multiple people can participate in this knowledge-based activity and receive 1.5 hours of CE credit at no extra charge by using the same computer and phone line.
Recorded Webinars & Online Courses – 24x7 Learning Programs Fit the Most Demanding Schedule—Yours.
Directed Readings – Earn CEs as you read and study The Diabetes Educator supplements , AADE Thought Leader Symposiums and the Desk Reference (CEs available for individual chapters , sections  one or two , or the complete book ).

"AADE keeps me up to date on the latest practices and advances in the field. I feel renewed and challenged to incorporate new strategies and techniques into my practice."

– Patricia Speirs, RD, MS, CDE. AADE member since 1993.


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Now you can stay in the know, access information and answers to critical questions when you need them, and develop your professional edge. Many resources are offered free with your membership, including nearly $300 is publication subscriptions, leading research and Ask the Reimbursement Expert. Here’s a brief look of some of the resources; click on any link for more information.

Professional Subscription The Diabetes Educator , the profession’s leading scientific journal; AADE in Practice magazine, the bi-monthly reference source for the heart, art and science of diabetes self-management education; and the e-FYI electronic newsletter, along with Diabetes Health Monitor and Diabetic Living. In addition to the subscriptions, you have access to on-line archives and special web-only content.
Practice Documents – Including practice guidelines and advisories, evidence and standards of diabetes care and technical guidance.
Research – Collection of critical research that contributes to the evidence base, expands opportunities for diabetes educators, and improves member awareness, comprehension and analysis of relevant scientific information. Topics include value of diabetes education, workforce analysis, evidence analysis library and comparative effectiveness research.
Publications – Collection of latest in diabetes care and education must-have books and electronic titles including: The Art and Science Desk of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference, Quick Guide to Medications, Practical Spanish for Diabetes Educators, Dictionary of Diabetes Education, CQI: A Step-by-Step Guide and others.
Ask the Reimbursement Expert – Source for your questions on Medicare reimbursement and private payer coverage.
Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP)  – Demonstrate that you are offering your patients comprehensive, effective diabetes self-management education by earning accreditation.
Certification – Earn the distinction! Get information and access to materials to assist in preparing for either of two credentials: the Board Certified-Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM) for advanced level practitioners, administered by AADE, and the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) , fully administered and maintained by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE).
Career Network Search and apply for jobs or post your resume.
Entrepreneurial Diabetes Educator – A unique resource to help you build your professional acumen.

“I use my AADE membership to get tips on what I can do to make my patients better. And I can see what other diabetes educators are going through to help their patients.” 

— Denine Rogers, RD, LD. AADE member since 2004.



AADE helps you be an advocate for the things that matter to you with access to the resources you need to be heard, take action, and stay informed. Together, we can influence the future of diabetes education and the role of the diabetes educator in health care, and hold politicians accountable on the key issues like access to diabetes self-management training and licensure.

How do we do this? Through the AADE Grassroots Advocacy Program , we maintain a national network of diabetes educators, just like you, to support activities that affect persons with diabetes and public policy related to diabetes education and care. The work begins with the AADE Board of Directors and Chief Advocacy Officer who determine the Association's advocacy agenda and keep a close-watch on the happenings in Washington and around the country.

What can you do? Educate yourself on the key issues, understand the policy positions, take action by contacting your state and federal representatives, and help others understand and lend their voice on key issues.

AADE's Policy and Advocacy Goals – The AADE Board of Directors and Chief Advocacy Officer determine the Association's advocacy agenda and keep a close watch on the happenings in Washington and raise awareness among our membership of legislative and regulatory proposals that affect diabetes educators and their patients..
Advocacy Action Center – Sign up for updates, find your representatives, and spread the word.
Interactive e-Advocacy Map – Get empowered, learn what’s happening in your area & more!
Get Involved – Volunteer for our advocacy program.


AADE, largely through the AADE Education and Research Foundation , is proud to support its members through a variety of scholarships and grants that make their work possible. In 2013, 100 members received scholarships to attend the AADE Annual Meeting thus helping educators advance their knowledge and meet educational requirements. Through our grants programs, we have supported the work of members in a variety of activities to gather evidence and translate the best scientific findings to support behavior change to achieve optimal patient health outcomes.

Awards – AADE has a variety of merit-based awards that recognize exceptional service to the field of diabetes education.
Grants – The focus of these activities is to gather evidence and translate the best scientific findings to support behavior change to achieve optimal patient health outcomes.
Scholarships – Travel and registration scholarships are available to either help with, or fully cover costs for Annual Meeting.

“As a medical professional and a person living with diabetes, AADE provides me the opportunity for personal growth and professional development.” 

— Cindi Goldman-Patin, RN, CDE. AADE Member since 2006.


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We understand you put your patients and their families first. With AADE tools and resources, it more possible than ever to help patients with diabetes identify barriers, facilitate problem-solving, and develop skills to live healthier, more productive lives. Here’s a look of some of the most-used tools.

AADE7™ System – A robust online software package that provides patient assessment and behavior goal tracking. The basic package is free to members.
Diabetes Prompt Decks – Portable, versatile tools to use when discussing healthy self-care behaviors with patients in one-on-one or group settings. Topics include General Diabetes Information, Healthy Eating, Being Active, Monitoring, Taking Medication, Problem Solving, Reducing Risks and Healthy Coping. Free downloads.
AADE7™ Self-Care Behaviors  – A free, downloadable tool to help patients learn facts and tips in seven key areas; available in English and Spanish and as an audio file for visually-impaired persons.
Healthy Eating Handouts  – A series of free, downloadable handouts helps you teach and remind patients about healthy eating around holidays and vacations.
Side-By-Side: A Partner Approach to Diabetes – A 12-page patient guidebook, available free to members.
MY AADE NETWORK – Member-shared tools and templates are available in the Community of Interest file libraries.
Be a Leader – As a partner organization of CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program, AADE is instrumental in expanding this evidence-based Lifestyle Change Program for preventing type 2 diabetes to local communities, highlighting the leadership role of diabetes educators in prevention efforts. Today, we currently fund accredited sites in 14 states – giving members a true opportunity to be a leader. View the full list of sites . Check out our AADE DPP eNewsletter, Plugged into Prevention to stay in touch with this expanding program.

"AADE is my source for hands-on training on how to assist and interact with patients with diabetes. AADE has the resources and networking opportunities to provide real-life applications of scientific knowledge."

—Sandra Bollinger, PharmD, FASCP, CGP, CDE, CFts, CPT. AADE member since 2008.


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You don’t have go it alone! One of the most important aspects of being an AADE member is that you are family. We are more than 13,000 strong and count among us a diverse network of practitioners including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, health educators, and others. We’re united under the banner of improving diabetes care through education.

You can connect with other members easily through our exclusive online community, MY AADE NETWORK . It’s actually more than on online community. It’s a gateway to meeting members locally and across the globe. In the MY AADE NETWORK , you can connect with your state group, local networking groups, and a range of Communities of Interest which draw members from around the globe.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use MY AADE NETWORK to your advantage:

  • Engage in online discussions – start a discussion, chime in on an issue, pose questions, share knowledge – it is now possible to participate in meaningful discussions on topics of interest to you with colleagues from your own Local Networking Group or from around the country
  • Find face-to-face meetings – mark your calendar for events in your area
  • Visit the online library – download articles, practice documents and position statements on issues of importance to you
  • Strengthen your professional connections – AADE has always been about building your professional relationships and that core focus continues through MY AADE NETWORK .
  • Build on best practices – why reinvent the wheel? Through the advanced searching tools and opportunities to share and exchange information, MY AADE NETWORK helps you utilize diabetes education best practices 


Find a State Network – Search for state and local groups
Browse the Communities of Interest – They are formed around specialized areas and functions of diabetes self-management education and training.

Find a Member – Having an interesting discussion in a COI or LNG forum? Connect with other AADE members by using the member search tool. 

Get Involved – Find an activity that speaks to you!

“Connectivity is crucial for all members, especially those living in remote areas. MY AADE NETWORK is a real game changer in bringing members together to network and share best practices.

Carol Manchester, MSN,ACNS, RN, BC-ADM,CDE, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist, Eagan, MN. AADE Member since 1980.

“The local networking groups allow even a small group of educators to quickly and simply convene to meet on issues important to them and their communities.”

Kathy Berkowitz, APRN, BC, CDE, FNP, Diabetes Clinical Liaison, Marietta, GA. AADE Member since 1985.


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