AADE Glossary

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  • AADE7™ System: A robust online software package for diabetes educators that provides patient assessment, education tracking and behavior goal development and follow-up; basic package is free to members.

  • AADE Career Network : Search and apply for jobs or post your resume.

  • AADE Education & Research Foundation: A 501-C3 charitable organization aligned with AADE which sponsors research and scholarships to advance the mission and goals of the AADE and support professional development of its members.

  • AADE GPS: Welcome portal to guide members in navigating their AADE membership.

  • AADE ID Number: Your personal membership ID that helps you access the members’ only section on the AADE website and member discounts.

  • AADE In Practice : A members-only, bi-monthly print practice journal that provides tools and strategies for the practical application of current research and best practices in diabetes education.

  • AADE7™ Self Care Behaviors: Encompasses seven self-care behaviors essential for improved health status and greater quality of life differences in behaviors, health beliefs, and culture as well as their emotional response to diabetes can have a significant impact on how participants understand their illness and engage in self-management.

  • Active Member: An AADE member in good standing; eligible for member-only benefits and has the right to vote, make nominations, chair, serve and vote on committees, hold national elective office or directorship position. Active membership open to healthcare professionals involved in patient or professional education or research.

  • ADA: American Diabetes Association

  • Advocacy: Efforts to influence the future of diabetes education and the role of the diabetes educator in health care, and hold politicians accountable on the key issues like access to diabetes self-management, training and licensure; AADE’s Grassroots Advocacy program sets an advocacy agenda, monitors public policy, and maintains a national network of diabetes educators to speak out on issues.

  • Advocacy Action Center: Online portal to provide easy access for members to find and contact US representatives, access issue and legislative information, find media contacts and get tools and information on advocacy actions .

  • Associate Member: An AADE member in good standing who does not qualify for other member categories; eligible for member-only benefits, and has the right to vote, make nominations, and chair, serve and vote on committees.

  • A to Z Health: Patient education company that developed the Living with Diabetes DVD series with AADE; members have access to free patient materials. Also developed HealthSlate, a tablet that has games, video clips, and animations for use in teaching groups or one-on-one classes. 


  • Badges: Electronic badges are awarded to individual members as well as CBs and COIs based on their activity using MY AADE NETWORK. Badges for members appear on your MY AADE NETWORK profile page and next to your picture when you make a forum posting. CB and COI badges display on their respective pages.

  • BC-ADM: Board Certified-Advanced Diabetes Management Certification Owned and Managed by AADE.

  • Bylaws: The rules and regulations governing the internal affairs of the association.


  • Capella University: An accredited online university; a partnership with AADE provides special education opportunities, access to scholarships and a 10% tuition discount.

  • Career Path Certificate : AADE Career Path Certificate Program for Diabetes Self-Management Education is an online, self-directed program for early-career or new healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals involved in delivery of diabetes education and care.

  • Castle Worldwide: Administrator of the Board Certified Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM) for advanced level practitioners.

  • CB: Coordinating Body—Comprised of AADE member volunteers, the Coordinating Body oversees member activities in a given state; view all through MY AADE NETWORK. AADE members are affiliated with CBs based on their preferred mailing address, but may choose to switch their CB at the time they join or renew.

  • CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • CDE: Certified Diabetes Educator: credential fully administered and maintained by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE).

  • CE: Continuing Education—Units of credit awarded to healthcare professionals; used to apply and reapply for certification. 
  • COI: Community of Interest—Online communities bringing together members with common interests in specialized areas and functions related to diabetes education for sharing, collaboration and learning; free with membership; view all on MY AADE NETWORK.

  • Core Concepts Course©: A course to provide a real-world overview of diabetes education and access information on the latest in DSME; live and online options available.


  • DEAP: Diabetes Education Accreditation Program, administered by AADE, for Diabetes Education Programs that fully implement and meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. Essential to obtain eligibility for Medicare reimbursement.

  • DSME/DSMS: Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support is a critical element of care for all people with diabetes and is necessary to prevent or delay the complications of diabetes; elements of DSME related to lifestyle change are also essential for people with prediabetes, as part of efforts to prevent the disease. The National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support define the criteria to meet the needs of the people with diabetes.

  • Desk Reference: The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference is an independent study activity for CE hours.

  • Diabetes Goal Tracker: Free mobile app for people with diabetes to set and track goals; available through iTunes and Google Play Store.

  • Diabetes Resource Connection: Online portal, available to AADE members, providing direct access to thousands of product resources.


  • Education Review Guide : Diabetes Education Review Guide for the CDE exam.

  • e-FYI : Monthly electronic newsletter proving association and professional news; free to members.


  • Fellow: AADE Fellows are a distinguished group of diabetes educators recognized for outstanding contributions to diabetes education through clinical practice, research, education or health policy. The Fellow designation for AADE is “FAADE”.

  • Find a Diabetes Educator: Online directory for members and the public to search for diabetes educators; members are automatically listed.


  • Health Monitor: Bimonthly patient publication focused on diabetes published by the Health Monitor Network; AADE Active members receive in bulk for their waiting rooms.


  • IAC: Industry Allies Council is a vehicle for key industry partners to support AADE in a very visible way.

  • Industry: Company that is in the business of pharmaceuticals, supplies, services or equipment for the diabetes market.

  • Industry Member: A member who is a non-healthcare professional who is employed by a company in the diabetes market; does not have right to vote, serve or chair a committee, or stand for an elected officer or director position.

  • Installment Plan: A membership dues option to pay via automatic monthly payments.


  • Life Member: Awarded to the AADE President at the completion of their term as Immediate Past President; has all the privileges of an Active Member except may not run for a Director or Officer Position. Life Member is also awarded to members who receive the Distinguished Service Award, but these members have all the privileges of an Active Member.

  • Live Webinars: Online learning opportunity providing CEs that is presented live; available through AADE Programs & Products under Professional Resources.

  • LNG: Local Networking Groups bring members together in local communities for education, collaboration and networking; led by AADE member volunteers and the state Coordinating Body; view all through MY AADE NETWORK.




  • NCBDE: National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators. Organization that administers and maintains the CDE credential. 

  • NDEP: National Diabetes Education Program—Federally funded program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Includes over 200 partners at the federal, state, and local levels, working together to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with diabetes by changing the way diabetes is treated.




  • Practice Guidelines: Guidelines developed by AADE to clarify the roles and responsibilities of all persons involved in the facilitation and/or delivery of diabetes education and care across a continuum of clinic- and community-based settings.


  • Recorded Webinars: Online learning opportunities providing CEs that have been previously recorded.


  • Sage Publications: Publisher of The Diabetes Educator and AADE in Practice , and home of online version and archives.

  • SLC: State Legislative Coordinator, an AADE volunteer member, who serves as AADE’s main advocacy contact for members, nonmembers, legislators and others involved in public policy in a given state.

  • Statement of Credit: Documentation provided to educational participants certifying they met requirements for obtaining CEs.


  • TDE: The Diabetes Educator, AADE’s peer-reviewed bi-monthly journal that serves as a reference source for the science and art of diabetes management; available free to members and by subscription.