State Licensure Initiative

In an effort to gain recognition for the qualified diabetes educator, AADE has embarked on a state licensure initiative.

As management of diabetes becomes increasingly complex, it is imperative that diabetes health care professionals be well educated and appropriately credentialed. Licensure of the diabetes educator will provide for consumer safety and provide minimum standards for recognition of the professional.

Without this “legal” definition, diabetes educators will continue to be self-defined. While payors may reimburse for the diabetes education service (DSMT), they may not recognize (reimburse) the provider of these services – the qualified diabetes educator.

Diabetes educator licensure is intended for the healthcare professional that has a defined role as a diabetes educator, not for those who may perform some diabetes-related functions as part of, or in the course of, other routine occupational duties. For a detailed summary of the licensure initiative please click here.

State Licensure Materials

For a look at issues surrounding state licensure, read the  State Licensure Brief.

For a comprehensive overview of diabetes educators licensures efforts, including AADE's recommendations for state licensure, read the  State Licensure Overview.

Licensure Town Hall Conference Call

On October 3, 2012 AADE hosted a town hall call on the state licensure initiative for AADE members in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Speakers included Chief Advocacy Officer Martha L. Rinker, Advocacy Manager James E. Specker and Mickey Stuart, BS, MPH, MS, CDE. This was an opportunity to learn more about the initiative, get their questions answered and find out how to get it started in their state. 

Click on the following link to listen to the entire call with questions and answers from AADE members.

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Licensure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the Frequently Asked Questions here

Listen to an Interview with AADE Chief Advocacy Officer Martha Rinker

Former AADE President Donna Tomky, MSN, RN, C-NP, CDE, FAADE, asks Chief Advocacy Officer, Martha Rinker some of the key questions about this initiative and the reasoning behind it. 

Making State Licensure for Diabetes Educators a Reality

As we move forward with this State Licensure Initiative, it is imperative that the AADE membership not only understands how licensure legislation is passed, but also knows that we are here to help guide and support the efforts from beginning to end.

The first step in starting the state licensure process is to contact James Specker, AADE Director Federal and State Advocacy, at or (312) 601-4873, to begin creating a strategy and to determine how to best approach the licensure effort in your state.

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