AADE7™ System

AADE is committed to enhancing your ability to help patients with diabetes identify barriers, facilitate problem-solving, and develop skills to live healthier, more productive lives. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce the release of the AADE7™ System,  a robust online software package for diabetes educators.
The AADE7™ System allows you to:
  • Collect and track your patients' behavior change goals, clinical indicators, and medications
  • Administer online patient self-assessments and follow-ups
  • Track information about the educational services you provide
  • Generate reports on individual patient progress and your facility's progress
  • Manage classes and group education sessions
  • Create auto-populated, time-saving letters for referring physicians and patients
  • Gather data about your facility that is needed for your program accreditation

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AADE7™ System Features

The AADE7™ System includes the following sections:
  • Patient Profile, including demographics, payer information, referring provider, and more
  • Health Status, tracking learning variables, health assessment, and allergies
  • Goal Setting, helping you monitor the specific behaviors your patients would like to change, their progress, and intervention strategies used
  • Clinical Data, including A1C values, lipid profiles, blood pressure levels, anthropomorphic data, and more
  • Medications, which runs against a frequently updated federal drug database, tracking a patient’s medications, as well as their strength and frequency
  • Education, which tracks information about the 1:1 and group activities and topics covered
  • Patient Self-Assessment, an online tool that tracks information such as the patient’s health history, health status, risk factors, diabetes-related lifestyle issues, and more
  • Classes, allowing educators to easily track attendance and educational topics covered during group sessions
  • Communication Tools, used to create customizable letters to patients and physicians
  • Reporting
    • Static reports on individual patient progress, aggregate outcomes, and site statistics
    • Ad hoc, dynamic reporting engine allows staff to create custom reports on their selected data points and export data in Excel, CSV, and XML formats for further data analysis
    • National aggregate reporting allows AADE to monitor and track trends over time  


Considering the AADE7™ System? Check out the  AADE7™ System Frequently Asked Questions


The AADE7™ System is available in three packages—basic, enhanced and multi-program:
Basic Package:
AADE Members: Free
Non-Members: $49 per year, per non-member
Click to purchase the AADE7™ System Basic Package.

Enhanced Package:
AADE Members: $79 per year per AADE member
Non-Members: $99 per year per non-member
Click to purchase the AADE7™ System Enhanced Package.
Multi-Program Package:
This license allows an educator to document on an unlimited amount of programs for different patient populations. It has all the functionality of the Enhanced license, but is designed for the educator that has more than one DSMT program.
AADE Members and Non-Members: $158 per year
Click to purchase the AADE7™ System Multi-Program Package
Rules that Apply to All AADE7™ System Purchases: 
  • AADE7™ System license may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.  No other refunds for full or partial credit will be issued after 30 days of purchase.   
  • AADE is not able to transfer AADE7™ System licenses from one user to another - no exceptions.
  • AADE7™ System is an on-line database.  You will not receive a disc in the mail or download link in e-mail after purchase as it is not necessary. 

System Requirements

Users can access the AADE7™ System from any computer with an internet connection and one of the commonly used browsers, such as Internet Explorer. From time to time we may add new features and enhancements to the AADE7™ System, in which case, older browser versions or Internet devices like WebTV may not support the new standards.
For the current version of the AADE7™ System, Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 8, is highly recommended. Please note that if you are using the latest release of your browser, there may be a delay in our support of the new browser release while we conduct a review to ensure it meets our security standards. We recommend that you use a supported browser until the new version is officially supported.

Data Security and Entry

AADE has processes and procedures in place to keep the AADE7™ software and servers HIPAA compliant and secure, and AADE has redundant servers in offsite locations to minimize downtime. AADE does not have access to personally identifiable information (only aggregate, de-identified data) and has Business Associate Agreements in place with its service providers that require full HIPAA compliance.
Also, AADE has revised its standard user Business Associate Agreement based on the changes made to HIPAA by the HITECH Act (otherwise known as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) and has instituted a new process to ensure that an appropriate Business Associate Agreement will be in place between AADE and each user of the AADE7™ System.

Current Users

Log in to the AADE7™ System to enter your data.

System Support

Save time!  Read the AADE7™ System User Fast Facts and Common Questions first!
AADE7™ system support is provided electronically via training modules and the user guide in the document center. If you have trouble using the AADE7™ System website, please click on "Feedback" while logged in to the AADE7™ System and submit a trouble ticket, or you can email us directly at aade7system@aadenet.org.
Additional support services and customized report generation is available to users on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact Brad Ummer at FlipSide Media (412-492-9448) with such requests. You can also view their link on the subject at http://www.flipsidemedia.com/aade7/ .