DSME Benefits PowerPoint

AADE has created a presentation for diabetes educators to use with healthcare providers to spread the word about the benefit and value of diabetes education. You can use the presentation when speaking to physicians, nurses and other providers, or other professional groups who work with people who have diabetes.

Included are slides and graphics, as well as notes that you can use to help guide your presentation. Several places where you can add your personal experiences are noted.

Please be sure to carefully consider your audience and adjust the presentation accordingly. For example, some groups may respond well to statistics, others may favor anecdotes and patient examples. You may choose not to spend as much time on the background sections of diabetes if you are presenting to an audience whose members are extremely busy and well aware of that information. Instead, you might emphasize the sections focusing on the need for and proof of the value of diabetes education. While most audiences do respond to human stories and anecdotes, tailor those examples based on what you think will resonate with the audience.

We hope you find the presentation helpful as you spread the work about all of the good work you do.

Download the Presentation