Public Comment: Revised Diabetes Educator Practice Levels

AADE developed and initially published levels of practice for diabetes educators in 2009. In response to changes in diabetes self-management education practice, AADE members have requested greater clarity around these levels of practice.

In December 2012, an AADE workgroup was convened to examine all AADE practice documents, including the practice levels. Based on this comprehensive examination, the workgroup advised revisions to the practice levels, collapsing the levels from five to three and creating a unique track for ancillary healthcare providers involved in diabetes education. The practice levels are now open for public comment.

To provide comment, please review the document, The Diabetes Educator Career Path: Revised Levels of Practice, for the background and detail about the revised levels. Then, review the two graphics in the summary table that provide a condensed, visual representation of the three practice levels for diabetes educators and the two practice levels for ancillary healthcare providers. After you have reviewed both the document and summary table, please respond to the survey questions by Friday, March 21, 2014.

    1. Review: The Diabetes Educator Career Path: Revised Levels of Practice
    2. Review: Summary Table
    3. Public Comment: Survey Questions