Research Results

AADE conducts a variety of research to support its mission and goals. The research is categorized into four areas:

Studies that address the value of diabetes education

Proving the cost and clinical effectiveness of diabetes education and diabetes educator-interventions has been a focus of the AADE Research Committee over the past several years. We have published both a paper and a study on the subject, more will be released soon. 

AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™ Systematic Reviews and Symposia Proceedings

Since the development of the AADE Self-Care Behaviors nearly ten years ago, the AADE Research Committee has continued to build the evidence for the behaviors. It started with a call for systematic reviews on each behavior and, more recently, has included symposia.

AADE Foundation-Funded Research 

The AADE Education and Research Foundation funds projects that advance the AADE Research Agenda. The focus of these activities is to gather evidence and translate the best scientific findings to support behavior change to achieve optimal patient health outcomes. 

Additional AADE Research Activities

The AADE Research Committee and AADE Science and Practice staff seek out research opporunities that further build the evidence base and bolster understanding of the profession. Articles have been published in both AADE's journal and in other scientific publications.   

Workforce Analysis

A paper summarizing the findings from the 2011 analysis along with insights gleaned from the AADE Workforce Summit held in 2012 is in the July/August 2013 issue of The Diabetes Educator and can be downloaded here