Reseach Results: Value of Diabetes Education

Over the past several years, AADE has made it a priority to build a body of evidence that demonstrates the value of diabetes educators and DSME/T in enhancing a variety of outcomes - clinical, financial, utilization, behavioral and satisfaction. Our most recent research, which was funded by the AADE Education and Research Foundation:  

Literature Review - Costs and Benefits

This article presents an overview of published literature about the economic benefits and costs associated with diabetes education.
Suzanne A. Boren, Karen A. Fitzner, Pallavi S. Panhalkar, and James E. Specker. Published in  The Diabetes Educator, January/February 2009; vol. 35, 1: pp. 72-96.

Assessing the Value of Diabetes Education - 2009

This article evaluated the impact of Diabetes Self-Management Education on patient care and found that increasing referral rates for DSME/T resulted in improvements in quality and decreased costs. The Diabetes Educator, September/October 2009; vol. 35, 5: pp. 752-760

Assessing the Value of Diabetes Education - 2011

This study found that people with diabetes who attended multiple DSMT sessions DSMT led by a diabetes educator were more likely to take medications as prescribed, receive guideline recommended care and have lower overall healthcare costs than individuals who did not receive DSMT. The Diabetes Educator, September/October 2011; vol. 37,  5: pp. 638-657