A wide range of valuable advertising opportunities are available at the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

Advertising & Corporate Support Opportunities brochure

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Early Registration Booklet and Program Preview

Be the first company to get your message in front of an audience of 40,000 potential AADE attendees...TWICE! The Preliminary Program and Program Preview are the first publications to inform AADE members about the Annual Meeting, providing them with an overview of events and encouraging registration. The Preliminary Program mails in April, followed by the Program Preview in mid-June which the most up-to-date meeting information available. The single sponsor receives a full-page, four-color ad on the inside cover of each issue.

AADE Annual Meeting Daily News Preview Edition Newspaper

The AADE Annual Meeting  Daily News Preview Edition newspaper is a high visibility advertising option for educational providers who want to promote their sessions prior to the annual meeting. The Preview Edition mails just weeks prior to the meeting to the entire AADE membership as they are deciding which symposia to attend. Preview Edition content includes the most up-to-date meeting information, promotes keynote sessions, includes a designated section for Corporate Symposia and Product Theatres, and provides host city information and other important AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition news.

AADE Annual Meeting Daily News Newspaper, On-Site Editions

The AADE Annual Meeting Daily News newspaper is the official on-site publication of the association. Including real-time news items and distributed each morning of the meeting, the AADE Annual Meeting Daily News newspaper can ensure that your message is the first thing attendees see each day. All newspaper participants also receive extended visibility through the AADE website, which includes links to electronic versions of all editions.  

AADE Annual Meeting Daily News Post Edition Newspaper

The AADE Annual Meeting Daily News Post Edition newspaper is mailed two to three weeks after the annual meeting to the entire AADE membership. This publication highlights the most important news from the meeting. It promotes upcoming AADE events, including the following year event. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your advertising campaign with guaranteed visibility to your target audience!  

AADE Newspaper Rack Sponsorship

Participating sponsor receives the side panels and signage on five daily newspaper racks to be displayed throughout the duration of the AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Sponsorship includes a four-color corporate logo along with participant’s booth number.  

Educator’s Bag Sponsorship

On the outside of the Educator’s Bag, the official sponsor receives its company name and logo, as well as a clear 7”x5” window pocket for placement of two inserts. The AADE Annual Meeting logo will be placed on the other side of the bag.

AADE On-Site Meeting Guide

The on-site Meeting Guide is an invaluable resource for attendees. It includes a handy, program-at-a-glance section as well as important meeting information, including a program overview, a message from the AADE president, a map of the exhibit floor, and continuing education information.  

AADE City Scene – Official City Guide

The City Scene offers attendees meeting-at-a-glance schedules, helpful telephone numbers, a detailed city map, and useful city information, such as guides to dining, shopping, special attractions and events, and nightlife. 

Exhibiting at AADE

Corporate Support Opportunities

Corporate Symposia and Product Theatres