AADE7™ Videos and Guidebooks

AADE's public awareness program, Side by Side: A Partner Approach to Diabetes Self-Care, was conducted from 2007-2009. It promoted a team approach to successful behavior change and diabetes self-care. These short videos and patient guidebooks (in English or Spanish) were developed as part of this program.

*Please note that these materials refer to a website that is no longer active. Please visit www.diabetesselfcare.org instead.


AADE7™ Self-Care Behaviors videos

Read more about and view 2-minute videos on each of the seven self-care behaviors:

Patient guidebook

You are not alone with your diabetes! There is a team of people--including family and friends--who can offer you guidance and support. This guidebook emphasize the importance of the care team and highlights the benefits of working with a diabetes educator to examine behaviors and develop management plans. 

Download the guidebook in English or  Spanish .  

*For healthcare professionals, you can also order quantities of these two guidebooks. Remember to point patients to www.diabetesselfcare.org instead of the website printed in the booklet.