Taking Medication


Diabetes is a progressive condition. Depending on what type a person has, their healthcare team will be able to determine which medications they should be taking and help them understand how your medications work. They can demonstrate how to inject insulin or explain how diabetes pills work and when to take them. Effective drug therapy in combination with healthy lifestyle choices, can lower blood glucose levels, reduce the risk for diabetes complications and produce other clinical benefits.

The goal is for the patient to be knowledgeable about each medication, including its action, side effects, efficacy, toxicity, prescribed dosage, appropriate timing and frequency of administration, effect of missed and delayed doses and instructions for storage, travel and safety.

How partners can help

  • Ask your doctor why each particular medication was prescribed for you.
  • Ask your diabetes educator to help you fit your medication routine into your daily schedule. Be sure to bring all medications or labels with you when you go to health appointments.
  • Ask a family member to go to an appointment with you adn take notes so your not confused when you get home. Also, ask them to remind you to take your medications or labels when you go for any medical appointment.