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Volunteering opens lots of doors for you! You can gain additional leadership opportunities, build your resume, forge friendships or simply give back to the profession. No matter what your interest in volunteering, AADE is committed to providing you with a meaningful experience. First, we have many ways you can get involved. Some take only a few hours, while others require a larger time commitment. If you want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of volunteering, visit AADE's Volunteer Resource Center where you'll find detailed information on volunteering, organized by category. Or continue below to start searching for a position.

Is it hard to be a volunteer leader? "No," says Rose Flinchum, and here's her advice.

Ryan Bosch shares why volunteering for his professional association is important to him... and not as time consuming as one might expect.


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For more information on any of the projects or roles listed below, to suggest a role or for general information on how to get involved, contact AADE Volunteer Services by calling us at


  • Governance & Leadership | Members can serve on the Board, on national committees and on leadership teams for our Communities of Interest, Coordinating Bodies and Local Networking Groups. AADE call for nominations for national positions occurs annually in January. Most COIs, CBs and LNGs conduct a call for team leaders annually. Visit the election page for information on national positions or your state or COI page on MY AADE NETWORK for information on those groups, or contact AADE Volunteer Services at  
  • Technical & Annual Volunteer Positions | Members play an integral role in our programming as reviewers, auditors and content developers. We have several annual positions for members that are generally filled in January:
  • Open Volunteer | Volunteer with any of our COIs, CBs or LNGs at any time and learn about the specific projects you can assist with on a project-to-project basis. Visit your state or COI page on the MY AADE NETWORK to learn more about the different ways you can volunteer or email  

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  • Discussion posts | Offer your knowledge to your peers on one of the CB, LNG or COI discussions (accessible through MY AADE NETWORK).
  • CB and COI Blogs | Submit an article idea or a posting for one of the many CB or COI blogs. Contact your CB or COI.
  • Models & Samples | Share a model or sample resources to our growing collection in our COI and CB file libraries. Help other members identify the models and sample lists that you found to be particularly helpful.
  • AADE Blog | Comment and provide your feedback on the posts to AADE’s blog.
  • Become a Presenter | Submit your idea for an education session for AADE’s annual meeting or other educational programs. For more information, email
  • The Diabetes Educator Journal | Submit articles for the peer-reviewed Journal.
  • AADE in Practice | Share your tools and strategies for the practical application of current research and best practices in diabetes education by submitting an article.
  • e-FYI | Submit ideas for future articles. Questions? Email Diana Pihos at

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  • Advocate | Learn about legislative activities and become a part of our national network of diabetes educators to support activities that affect persons with diabetes and public policy related to diabetes education and care.
  • Influence your peers | How has your AADE membership benefited you? Share your story with colleagues! Send us your testimonial.

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