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July through September 2011

Support Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT)

Two-months have passed since the Diabetes Self-Management Training Act of 2011 was introduced in the House and Senate. More co-sponsors are needed. We are rapidly nearing the end of the first session of the 112th Congress* and it is critical that we take action now so we can come out of the gate strong in 2012!

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AADE Advocate Spotlight!

AADE Advocacy is spotlighting Donna Tomky, MSN RN, C-NP CDE FAADE, AADE President and Advocate in the State of New Mexico. Leading the charge, Donna and her fellow New Mexicans were instrumental in obtaining Rep. Martin Heinrich (NM-D-1st) and Rep. Ben Lujan's (NM-D-3rd) co-sponsorship of H.R. 2787 the Medicare Diabetes Self-Management Training Act of 2011.

With today’s the political climate, grassroots efforts are more important than ever! The New Mexico AADE members have shown how mobilizing the community has a positive effect on legislators decision making. Engaging your diabetes educator community increases the strength and influence of the grassroots effort.

In Donna’s words, "[All of the Members of Congress we met with] knew someone with diabetes, with most having family members with [diabetes] and one aide having pre-diabetes. It really hit home in a state with a high Hispanic and Native American population...I sent follow-up emails after the meetings, and of course send information on the bills."

The key to the success of these folks in New Mexico was sticking to the basics and that is bringing a personal element into the equation; being the expert and providing "just the facts" and follow-up.

For more tips on how to effectively organize a grassroots movement in your area please check out the Capitol Hill Basics and the Grassroots Training Series on the AADE website.

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Tips for Communicating with Congress

The following are some helpful tips when communicating with your legislators about issues related to diabetes educators/education or other matters important to you.

Letters, Emails, and Faxes  

Personal letters are considered the most effective and persuasive way of communicating with elected officials, but email and faxes have become much more acceptable given the security concerns associated with traditional mail. Keep in mind that emails and faxes must be personalized to be effective. So when you receive action alerts from the AADE national office, and you have a few extra minutes, take the time to personalize those messages to your Members of Congress.

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Why Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT)?
Issue Background

Section 4105 of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA) provided coverage and reimbursement for diabetes self-management training (DSMT) by physicians and other healthcare providers who are currently eligible to bill Medicare for services or supplies, provided that DSMT is furnished incident to other covered services, regardless of whether those items or services are related to diabetes care. While the intent of the legislation to include outpatient clinic settings was achieved, the spirit behind the need for such legislation was not met. The statutory provision did not recognize credentialed diabetes educators, the largest and most qualified group of healthcare professionals to provide DSMT.

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Advocacy Around the Nation!

In addition to the AADE legislative agenda the advocacy department monitors pertinent legislation that has some impact or relevance to the diabetes community as well as the service that diabetes educators provide.

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Logan Nicole Gregory Honored with AADE’s 2011 Advocacy Award

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) announced the selection of Logan Nicole Gregory for its 2011 Advocacy Award. Gregory received the award in August at the association’s annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The award recognizes an AADE member, volunteer or other person that has made significant contributions to AADE advocacy and legislative efforts. The award was presented by Paul Madden (pictured below), chair of the AADE foundation board of directors.

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Diabetes Advocacy Alliance Updates!

AADE continues its efforts with the Diabetes Advocacy Alliance to collaborate with the diabetes community to address issues that affect the millions living with diabetes.

Members of the DAA bring a variety of perspectives to addressing the many challenges that diabetes and prediabetes pose to the health of Americans and the US economy. They represent the points of view of patients, health care professionals, community-based nonprofit organizations, and corporations that provide life-enhancing products and services, all united by a desire to change the way diabetes and prediabetes are perceived, approached and treated.

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