Resource Library

AADE's Resource Library provides several key documents that will help diabetes educators and other healthcare professionals improve their practice.

Our current resources include:

Diabetes Services Order Form

This form makes it easy for physicians and other providers to refer patients for DSMT and MNT. 

Practice Documents

AADE's official practice documents, including the National Standards, Practice Guidelines, Position Statements and more. 

Evidence Analysis Library 

Available only to AADE members. Read summaries of the best available research on dietetics and nutrition.

Diabetes Education Prompt Decks

Interactive educational tool developed for educators to use in their individual and group classes.

Holiday Eating Patient Education Resources

AADE-developed holiday/event-themed resources for educators to provide to their patients. 

Insulin Injection Resources

Series of tip sheets for diabetes educators to use when assisting their patients with understanding how insulin works and teaching proper injection techniques. Also included is an Injection Assessment Checklist to help you evaluate your patients' injection practices and determine areas of educational need.

PowerPoint Presentation Promoting Benefits of DSME for Provider Audience

A PowerPoint presentation to use when presenting the benefits of working with a diabetes educator to a provider or other decision-maker audience.

Tips for Reaching Prescribers

A resource that provides tips and suggestions for promoting your program to local physicians and other prescribers. 

Resources from the National Diabetes Education Program

Coming soon.