Research Results: AADE Research Activities

The AADE Research Committee and AADE Science and Practice staff seek out research opporunities that further build the evidence base and bolster understanding of the profession. Below are studies and papers that are the result of these activities:

How Innovative Treatment Models and Data Use are Improving Diabetes Care among Older African American Adults

Karen Fitzner, PhD, David A. Dietz, MSW, MHSA, and Ernest Moy, MD, MPH. Published in Population Health Management. Online Ahead of Print: February 15, 2011    

Insights and Trends in Diabetes Education: Results of the 2008 AADE National Diabetes Education Practice Survey

Annette Lenzi Martin, Terry Lumber, Terry Compton, Kristina Ernst, Linda Haas, Janet Regan-Klich, Nancy Letassy, Karen A. McKnight, Joseph B. Nelson, Jane Jeffrie Seley, Judith A. Toth, and Carole Mensing. Published in The Diabetes Educator, November/December 2008; vol. 34, 6: pp. 970-986  

Comparing the Processes: Accreditation and Recognition

CarolĂ© Mensing. Published in  The Diabetes Educator, March-April 2010; vol. 36, 2: pp. 219-243  

An Assessment of Patient Education and Self-Management in Diabetes Disease Management--Two Case Studies

Fitzner K, Greenwood D, Payne H, Thomson J, Vukovljak L, McCulloch A, Specker JE. Published in Population Health Management, 2008 Dec;11(6):329-40. Review.