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DSMT Reimbursement Tips

The accreditation process through AADE is essential to obtain Medicare reimbursement for DSMT.  However, it is a separate process and does not guarantee Medicare payment.  In addition to the accreditation process, a DSMT program should do the following:
  • Sponsoring organization must have an NPI number as well as be enrolled as a Medicare provider for services other than DSM
    • NPI application forms: or for paper application, call 800-465-3203.
    • If new to Medicare, need to submit Form 855I to enroll as a Medicare provider (obtain forms through local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC))
    • DME/Pharmacy providers must also enroll as a Part B provider to bill for DSMT service
  • Must submit notice of AADE accreditation to local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
  • Confirm that the HCPCS codes for billing DSMT are loaded in billing system (G0108 and G0109)
  • Submit accreditation notice to contracted commercial payers and verify that DSMT codes G0108 and G0109 are included in contract.
  • If off-site locations are added to accredited program, follow process and recommended steps included on AADE website.
  • Consider purchasing reimbursement resources such as AADE’s “Navigating the Maze: Overcoming the Obstacles to Reimbursement for Diabetes Self-management”
  • Members of AADE can seek additional information from the AADE “Reimbursement Expert” located in our Member Center. Please review the FAQs first because your question may have already been answered.

Private Payer Letter

Having trouble receiving payment? Use this template to notify private payers in your area of AADE's Diabetes Education Accreditation Program.


AADE has policies and procedures relating to the Diabetes Education Accreditation Program. The policies provide specific information that help to clarify aspects of the various requirements and processes relating to such issues as site visits, reaccreditation, appeals and complaints.

Annual Status

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Online tracking tools

AADE accredited programs have access to tools that allow diabetes education programs to track and report their patients' behavior change and clinical indicators.

Diabetes Education Curriculum: Guiding Patients to Successful Self-Management

Based upon the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors framework, the curriculum supports diabetes educators in their efforts to help people with diabetes and related conditions learn to make daily decisions about self-care that will have a positive impact on their clinical outcomes and overall health status.

Download the Physician Referral Form:

The Diabetes Services Order Form is available in an electronic format.


Confused by a term? Review our glossary of accreditation terms.

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Thoughts on DEAP by the AADE Professional Practice Committee