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2018 National Leadership Election

Each year, AADE calls on members to step forward and volunteer to serve on AADE’s national Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for this year’s election. Members will have an opportunity to vote from May 15 through June 18.  

Board of Directors

AADE is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, who focus on helping to lead and grow the association and the field of diabetes education. Members of the Board of Directors are elected by and from the membership, and are responsible for strategic planning, financial oversight and governance of the association.

Board Meeting Reports

The American Association of Diabetes Educators Board of Directors meets regularly and discusses a number of items of interest to the membership. Reports from previous meetings are available to members here.


Senior staff at AADE direct the operational goals of the association.


AADE's bylaws define the structure of the association.

2016-2018 Strategic Plan 

The strategic plan for 2016-2018 is focused on advancing AADE toward the outcomes inspired by our mission and vision.

Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Business Meeting is held each year in conjunction with AADE’s membership conference. It is an opportunity to learn more about AADE’s strategic accomplishments and the allocation of financial resources.

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