2013-2015 Strategic Plan

In January 2013, the AADE Board of Directors approved the 2013-2015 AADE Strategic Plan. It was the result of extensive data collection; a thorough examination of the trends shaping diabetes self-management education, health care, and associations; and input from members, industry stakeholders and thought leaders.

Goals and Strategies

Goal: Invest in Diabetes Educators:

Empower diabetes educators to become more effective in their careers.


  1. Support the professional growth of diabetes educators through the development of a more defined career path and targeted training opportunities.
  2. Build a comprehensive, online AADE Knowledge Center to serve as a central repository for diabetes self-management education knowledge and resources.
  3. Advocate for and improve the member knowledge of reimbursement and payment models.
  4. Actively engage members and expand their volunteer opportunities.

Goal: Advance Diabetes Population Health

Evaluate, document and advance the role of diabetes educators in improving outcomes for people with diabetes, and within emerging healthcare delivery models.


  1. Demonstrate the value of diabetes education expertise in various healthcare management settings through expanded quantitative and qualitative research.

  2. Improve the capture and use of diabetes self-management education in health information technology.
  3. Increase the number of qualified diabetes educators through the development and promulgation of model academic curricula for health professionals’ education.

Goal: Empower People with Diabetes

Heighten awareness of the power of diabetes self-management and the value of diabetes educators; and provide resources that enable people with diabetes to become agents of change.


  1. Build awareness of the value of diabetes self-management education among the public, healthcare professionals, governmental agencies and third-party payers.
  2. Expand evidence-based tools, resources and education for people with diabetes to enable them to effectively advocate for diabetes self-management.

Goal: Expand AADE’s Capacity

Ensure that AADE’s members, processes, people and technology systems are positioned to effectively deliver planned services to stakeholders.


  1. Develop and execute an association technology enhancement plan to better engage members, and more fully use technology and information to improve organizational performance. 
  2. Enhance the ability of the AADE Education and Research Foundation to serve its public mission and various stakeholders.
  3. Increase financial return from products and services, allowing AADE to invest in additional resources that benefit its members.
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