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The American Association of Diabetes Educators has a number of experts in various topics related to diabetes education and we welcome the opportunity to assist the media with information and sources.

AADE's Media Relations Team: 

David Harrison  |  410.804.1728  | david@harrisoncommunications.net

Matt Eaton  |  800.338.3633  | media@aadenet.org   

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AADE's volunteer spokespeople are resources for expert commentary, story ideas and background on the full range of diabetes-related topics. If your writing an article about diabetes management, consider interviewing one of our experts.

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2015 AADE Annual Meeting & Exhibition  

The 2015 AADE Annual Meeting is an opportunity to meet and interview leading diabetes educators from across America, see and experience the latest technological advances in diabetes education and learn first hand the breaking research and advances in teaching people with diabetes how to manage their condition. We offer complimentary registration to working members of the media including print, broadcast and online media. Learn more about the media guidelines and request a press pass.

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