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Encourage your colleagues to join you as members of AADE and get entered into the Year-End Member Referral Contest. 

Isn’t it about time your coworkers and friends joined you in the AADE community? Make sure they don’t miss out on the more than 20 hours of free CE, free patient and practice resources, significant discounts on publications, e-learning and the Annual Conference, and so much more.

To enter the Year-End Member Referral Contest, simply complete this brief online form. For each referral who joins AADE, you'll be entered into a drawing for a $200 gift card. Don't stop at one referral; multiple entries are encouraged. Hurry—the contest ends December 31.

Nobody understands the power of being a part of a community of more than 14,000 diabetes educators like you do. Become a membership champion today and join the nearly 200 colleagues who have referred a member since the beginning of last year.


Membership Champion

AADE thanks its nearly 200 membership champions who have referred friends and colleagues to join since the start of 2015:

Fay Anderson
Sonia Angel
Sheryl Ashby
Kelly Baker
Patti Baker
Tonya Baker
Peggy Barrios
Cody Bartholomew
Gayla Barton
Tomas Beno
Nancy Bickley
Ashleen Blackbird
Alexis Blount
Lucinda Bosscher
Sara Boyd
Latrese Brown
Rachel Brown
Denise Brunet
Geraldine Bryant
John Bucheit
Angela Bunyard
Cheryl Burns
Ylva Byars
Andrew Bzowyckyj
Adriana Cantu
Karla Carlson
April Case
Angela Cemo
Stefanie Chang-Hiu
Michael Clark
Susan Clark-Williams
Mary Coates
Karen Cole
Shelley Conner
Regina Cox-Brown
Lisa Cupersmith
Maria D'Avila
Juliet Davis
Elizabeth Day
Susan De Abate
Karen DeMourelle
Mariellen DeSmit
Jamie Diner
Donna Doty
Brenda Duggan
Jeannette Dyke
Carole Edwards
Errol Elrington
Colleen Farley-Cornell
Anna Fletcher
Carolyn Fogarty
Dana Foley
Sara Forbes
Dietmar Gann
Theresa George
Joyce Giammattei
Susette Gjovik
Diana Gonzalez
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Mary Grace Webb
Pam Graham
Kimberly Green
Joanne Greene
Sam Grossman
Shirley Gwen Rogerson
Kaissy Hammer
Sheila Harmon
Judy Hauswald
Renee Henson
Paula Hill
Carol Hisle
Sara Hohn
Margaret Howell Burns
Lynn Hudson
Cecelia Jacobson
Lourdes Jensen
Shelda Johnson
Vicki Karnes
Paige Katzenstein
Gina Kays
Judy Keaveny
Terri Kemmerer
Francine Kerber
Bobbi Kieff
Ann Kilimnik
Michele Kimber
Connie Kleinbeck
Gwen Klinkner
Nancy Krupin
Connie Kulwicki
Lisa Laird
Katherine Lalisan
Dede Lavezzo
Mary Lawrence
Tina Layton
Alex Le
Patricia Lebel
Amy Leffard
DeAnna Leonard
Kathryn Lewis
Aiqun Liu
Chelsea Lugone
Joanne Lyford
Rouda Mahjoob
Diana Malkin-Washeim
Theresa Marvin
Michelle Mason-Chadd
Elaine Massaro
Alison Massey
Connie Mattingly
Maureen Mau
Lori Mauer
Gina McDowell
Suzanne McKibben
Katie Mick
Sandra Midyette
Joan Miller
Janet Milner
Kathy Moen
Vicki Moore
Dianna Morrow
Cathy Mullooly
Rosary Munoz
Debra Newbolds
Marilyn Novosel
Gladys Ofosu Dadzie
Mary O'Gara
Ann O'Neill
Elaine O'Neill
Lisa Ortiz-Fraticelli
Mary Osgard
Walter Ozawa
Sandra Parker
Julianna Parrish
Nicole Patience
Gladys Paul
Joan Paul
Lena Plent
Sandra Pieschel
Suzanne Povinelli
Georgette Preuss
Denise Promes
Gordon Quam
Melinda Raab
Lisa Raynelle Shelley
Ardis Reed
Catherine Reinhart
Coletha Riley
Grace Rivers
Susan Rizzo
Irene Rosales
Karen Rosen-Junge
Iris Sanchez
Marta Sanchez
Magon Saunders
Lisa Schifer
Lisa Schnepp
Dana Seeger
Rachel Selinger
Lee Ann Sherrill
Lisa Siemens
Sharon Simmons
Harpreet Singh
Kelly Slater
Tonya Somers
Maryanne Strobel
Cauleen Svanda
Catherine Thomas
Stephanie Thomas
Valora Tom
Nancy Trebilcock
Kimberly C. Turner 
Cathy Van Ostrand
Lynn Vargas
Juanita Vasquez-Lopez
Susi Wals
Jennifer Weinheimer
Helen Whitaker
Janet Wichert
Laurel Widmer
Peggy Williamson
Doraine Woods
Lynn Woods
Pamela Wyman
Christina Yi
Lucila Zarate
‚ÄčList as of March 24, 2016
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