Project Vision

Opportunities are growing but we must be prepared!

AADE has created PROJECT VISION, a multi-year initiative to position diabetes care and education specialists for success within a dynamically changing environment, elevating your role as integrators for clinical management, education, prevention and support. 

AADE President Karen Kemmis shares her thoughts on the need for this new vision for the specialty in the January 2019 issue of AADE in Practice


  • Improve outcomes with holistic, patient-centered care.
  • Bridge the gap between the clinical and self-management aspects of care.
  • Make the most of the skills that you already have while growing those diabetes specialists of the future should develop.
  • Elevate your role as an expert at the clinical and behavioral aspects of diabetes care.
  • Claim your expertise in the cardiometabolic space.
  • Demonstrate how diabetes education programs are savings centers and not cost centers.

Join us on this journey to answer the call for less expensive but more effective diabetes care for people with diabetes. That’s what diabetes care and education specialists have to offer, NOW LET’S CLAIM IT!

Our new Vision for the Specialty:

To drive optimal outcomes through the integration of diabetes clinical management, education, prevention and support

The PROJECT VISION framework:  

The AADE Board of Directors has developed a framework and set of strategies to help us achieve this vision. Click through to gain additional perspective and see relevant educational opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills in each of these areas:

Drive Integration: Understanding that our value is in offering care that is holistic and seamless, it’s critical that we integrate the clinical and self-management aspects of care.

Include Related Conditions: Diabetes isn’t isolated, and neither are diabetes care and education specialists. We will demonstrate our expertise in the full range of cardiometabolic conditions: diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cardiac disorders.

Focus on Behavioral Health: Supporting the emotional well-being of the whole person with diabetes must be a foundational element of the care we provide. 

Leverage Technology: Diabetes care and education specialists will be technology experts and data interpreters, trainers and consultants driving care.

Promote Person-Centered Care: We will continue to advocate so that every individual with diabetes and cardiometabolic conditions has access to a diabetes educator.

Achieve Quadruple Aim: We strive to offer care that positively impacts quality and cost and enhances the experience for both the person with diabetes and the provider. 

Project Vision Breakdown


Find out how the vision will impact your work in this overview from AADE President Karen Kemmis and Immediate Past President Donna Ryan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs which includes answers to questions we’ve started to receive as we’re rolling out this new vision for the specialty.

  • What is AADE’s purpose for developing a vision for the specialty?
  • Why is a vision for the future of the specialty needed and why now?
  • What process was used to arrive at Project Vision and who was involved?
  • What will diabetes care and education specialists gain from this vision?
  • What will people with diabetes gain from this vision?
  • What will health systems gain from this vision?
  • How does this vision differ from the role of diabetes care and education specialists today?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Will diabetes care and education specialists need to retake the CDE and/or BC-ADM examinations?