ADCES 50th Anniversary Member Stories

Featured Member - Amy Carter, MA, RDN, LD, CDCES

Amy Carter, MA, RDN, LD, CDCES has been a member for eight years. Read on as she explains what ADCES membership means to her. 

What does ADCES membership mean to you? 

Being part of a larger community that advocates for the needs of all people with diabetes and constantly strives to enhance lives through optimal care. Membership opens doors to new connections, resources, technology and so much more. The networking and collaboration through conferences and events continues to advance practice for so many busy professionals. 

What is your favorite part about being a diabetes care and education specialist? 

The joy of watching someone meet their diabetes self-care goals! 

Top five ADCES resources/programs? 

ADCES Annual Conference, Danatech, CGM resources, handouts available on the website and the Core Competencies courses 

What is one piece of advice you would give to a new diabetes care and education specialist or someone considering the profession? 

Listen intently to the person with diabetes, use the skills and knowledge as a diabetes care and education specialist to propose solutions and be flexible in your approach to meet their needs. 

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