ADCES Board Values

We believe that effective governance is fostered by the culture and principles of the ADCES Board of Directors.
Achieving our mission is possible by living by these values.


Our Key Strengths
  • Passion for ADCES mission and shared vision
  • Engaged and respectful of one another
  • Leads with One Voice
  • Knowledgeable, committed volunteers
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Cohesive
  • Multi-disciplinary with broad perspectives and complementary skillsets


ValueWe Believe

We believe in honoring our diverse commitments by acting with integrity and focus. 

We demonstrate our commitment by:

  • Expressing our views but governing with One Voice.
  • Preparation, focus and active participation as a Board.

We believe that openness to new ideas and opportunities allows us to create a future aligned with our strategic pillars that advances our community in partnership with staff.

We believe that an innovation mindset requires us to anticipate and respond to new opportunities in the healthcare ecosystem to deliver content and resources that advance the Specialist community.

Innovation is visible on the board when we:

  • Embrace change and anticipate the future.
  • Display a curious mindset and willingness to explore opportunities.
  • Leverage research trends and technology.
  • Take smart risks.
  • Foster an innovative culture and demonstrate openness to new opportunities (i.e., new models of care).

We believe that inclusiveness is defined as the practice of providing equitable access to opportunities and resources for people. All are valued and respected.

We believe in leading by example, and that diversity of insight and representation is encouraged and respected.

We will practice open, transparent communication to learn and grow as an organization, as our audience evolves and grows.

Inclusivity and Diversity are visible through the behaviors and actions of the Board, informed by our backgrounds, our commitments and goal of expanding the care team to include additional disciplines.

We honor this value in practice as a Board by:

  • Actively seeking alternative points of view.
  • Promoting diverse representation on the Board and committees.
  • Exploring cultural proficiency and humility as concepts.
  • Continually assessing our member offerings to ensure that diverse perspectives are represented.
Mutual Respect & Teamwork

We believe in creating a safe and trusting environment based on mutual respect to foster teamwork and collaboration to advance meaningful outcomes.

We will honor this value by:

  • Acting with integrity to honor our commitments.
  • Actively listening and participating.
  • Collaborating with congeniality for the good of the whole.

The Board maintains a strategic focus. We believe that agility in mindset and practice is key to ensuring the Board’s focus on future opportunities.

We will demonstrate adaptability by:

  • Willingness to explore "what is needed" vs "what is wanted," examining topics in a candid manner to enable our action.
Stewardship Service

We believe that the Board must be stewards of ADCES, demonstrating care and commitment for those that we serve.

These values are visible on the Board by:

  • Placing the member at the forefront of our decision making.
  • Partnering with other associations and stakeholders, including people with diabetes.
  • Demonstrating care for finances – financial stewardship.
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