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AADE Applauds Indiana Governor Holcomb on Action to Tackle Diabetes Epidemic

Mar 09, 2018

Indiana passes bill creating action plan to identify and significantly reduce prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes

Indiana just took a big step in the fight against diabetes. On March 8, Governor Holcomb signed into law HB1175 requiring the Indiana State Department of Health to collaborate with the Secretary of Family and Social Services to develop a strategy to reduce diabetes and prediabetes in Indiana. Diabetes cost the state’s Medicaid system more than $10.3 billion from 2012-2016 and continues to affect more than 11% of Hoosiers.

“AADE applauds Governor Holcomb and all those who have worked so hard to get this bill passed,” said AADE Director of Advocacy Kurt Anderson. “Diabetes has grown to epidemic proportions in Indiana and if nothing is done, it will continue to devastate those affected by the disease and cost the state billions. We are glad to see this bill was a bi-partisan effort to support the health and wellness of Hoosiers.”

AADE members have worked with Indiana legislators to pass HB1175 including author Rep. Vanessa Summers and co-authors Rep Cindy Kirchhofer, Rep Karlee Macer and Rep. Robin Shackleford. AADE most recently hosted a day at the statehouse to raise awareness and advocate for continued focus on diabetes. HB1175 passed 92-0 in the House and 49-1 in the Senate.

Currently 1 in 3 people in Indiana have prediabetes, meaning many of them are at high-risk for developing the disease if nothing is done to intervene. A diabetes action plan (DAP) helps ensure legislators are strategically taking steps to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in a state through focused reporting. This helps to highlight the impact of diabetes in the state and identify resources that can be allocated to tackle the disease. DAPs are a growing trend among states as diabetes rates across the country continue to grow among at-risk populations. Approximately two dozen states have passed DAPs to date. For detailed information on the cost of diabetes in Indiana click here.

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