Indiana passed state licensure legislation in 2014. It is currently in regulatory phase meaning the current legislative language in under review for final revisions before it becomes enacted. There will be an opportunity for public comment, specific information will be shared via the Indiana Coordinating Body page of MYAADE NETWORK.

S.B. 233 - The Licensing of Diabetes Educator in Indiana will professionalize this health field by creating minimum standards for licensed diabetes educators, ensuring that those who train individuals on how to manage their diabetes have the core competencies to do so.
Currently, any person can claim that they are providing diabetes education, even if they do not have adequate training or specialized knowledge to ensure that quality care is being given to the person with diabetes. We believe that state licensure will ensure that all healthcare providers who deliver diabetes education will have sufficient knowledge to provide safe, effective care to persons with or at risk for diabetes and are doing so legally.

In effect, state licensure will create a "legal" definition for the diabetes educator, and will establish a codified scope of practice. We believe licensure will streamline the practice by giving providers a defined scope of practice to deliver care, and that it will create opportunities for more healthcare professionals to enter the field by adding a level of professionalism that does not currently exist.
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