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AADE18 Presentation Slides

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GS01 The Changing Healthcare Environment: Finding the Right Fit for the Diabetes Specialist

F01 Personalized Medicine Approaches for Treatment of Diabetes Based on Gut Microbiota

F02 Inpatient Diabetes Management: Navigating Rough Seas and Reaching the Harbor Safely

F04 Multi-Faceted and Multi-Disciplinary Strategies in Practice to Manage Overweight and Obesity

F05 Use of Activity Trackers to Promote Behavior Change and Diabetes Delay

F06 What Goes Wrong in the Foot of a Person with Diabetes?

F07 Why So Many People Fail to Keep Off the Weight They Lose

F08 Let's Get Started: Implementing a Successful National Diabetes Prevention Program

F09 Motivational Interviewing: Facilitate Constructive Self-Management Conversations between Parents and Adolescents


F10 Turning Passion into Action: Population Health, Diabetes, and the Diabetes Educator - Why Me?

F11 New to Devices? Insulin Pump and CGM Basics

F12 Maximize Accurate Use of the Two Nutrition Facts Labels

F13 2017 National Standards for DSMES with a Focus on the AADE Interpretive Guidance

F14 Statewide Diabetes Prevention and Management Interventions: Engaging Public Health to Improve Population Health

F15 How to Find the Right Insulin for each Individual

F16 Seminal NIDDK Diabetes Trials: Building a Foundation for Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

F17 Pour Some Sugar on Me

F18 A New Model of Care to Deliver DSMES in a Large Worksite Employer-Funded Patient-Centered Medical Home

F19 Equip Yourself to Address Individuals' Social Determinants of Health

F20 Practical Strategies for Facilitating Compelling Group Sessions

F21 Type 2 Diabetes Physiology to Care Plan: A Case Study Approach

F22 Listen and Learn: The Perspectives of a Panel of People with Diabetes

F23 Fireside Chat with Educators Who Deliver Diabetes Care with Digital Health Tools

F24 The Nuts and Bolts of Gaining, Implementing, and Sustaining Coverage for the National DPP in an Online Coverage Toolkit

F25 Everyone with Diabetes Counts: Increasing Your Reach

F26 Communicating DSMES in a Culture of Poverty

F27 Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diversified Individuals and Growing Your Cultural Competences in Providing Diabetes Education

F28A Leveraging the EMR to Identify Predictors of Non-Attendance to a DSMES Program

F28B Delivering an Effective Physician Supported Diabetes Education Program


F29 Highlighting the Pearls and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Establishing Your Diabetes Prevention Program

F30 Back to the Future of Hypertension Management

SS01 ED Education Hits and Misses: Preparing for those Tough Conversations


GS02 100 Million Healthier Lives for People Living with Diabetes by 2020

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S01 Navigating Nutrition Information Individuals Access Online

S03 Transition to Independence: Understanding and Addressing the Emotional and Lifestyle Barriers for Teens and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

S04 Real World Dynamics to Deliver Value in Value-Based Care Models

S05 Hybrid Closed Loop: Love to Love You Baby!

S06 Delaying Type 2 Diabetes: Perspectives from NIH, CDC and CMS on Progress and Goals

S07 Modeling Physical Activity: From Talk to Action!

S08 Best of ADA Scientific Sessions 2018

S10 Change the Language of Diabetes: An Interactive Session

S11 “You Built a What?!”: Preparing for Conversations about Non-Commercial Automated Insulin Delivery Devices

S12 Diabetes: Interprofessional Management of A Public Health Crisis; A Collaborative Effort of Dentists, Physicians, and Diabetes Educators

S13 How to Incorporate the Triple Aim into Your DSMES Program

S14 Engaging Friends, Families and More: Barriers and Opportunities

S15 Promoting Health Equity in Diabetes Prevention: Taking the National DPP to Priority Populations and Underserved Communities

S16 Certifications for Diabetes Educators: An Overview of the BC-ADM and CDE Options

S17 Innovative Approaches to Population Health: What Diabetes Educators Need to Know About Working with Employers, Pharmacists and Payers

S18 From Science to Supper: Integrating Current Nutritional Science and Culinary Practices into the NDPP

S19 Make Learning Fun: A Session Full of Ideas!

S20 Building Relationships Will Keep Them Coming Back: It's All About Retention!

S21 Building Statewide Partnerships to Support Infrastructure and Medicaid Reimbursement Opportunities in the National DPP

S22A Care Management Improves Clinical, Financial and Behavioral Outcomes: A Case Study

S22B The Role of the Diabetes Educator in Addressing Social Determinants of Health: A Case Study

S23 Let's Get It On: Pumps, Sensors, and CGM (Part 1)

S24 Treatment After Metformin: Considerations for Therapy Selection

S25 The Gut-Glucose Connection: Microbial Support for Blood Glucose Control

S26 Embracing Metabolic Surgery and Optimizing Outcomes in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

S27 Marketing Pearls and Pitfalls: Use Your Time Wisely

S28 Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy: Individuals and Educators Team Up For Success

S29 Let's Get It On: Pumps, Sensors, and CGM (Part 2)

S30 DKD...Doesn’t Stand for Don’t Know Diddly…Or Does It?


GS03 Diabetes Safety: A Federal Focus and Partnership

D01 The Educator's Role in Advocating Peer Support: Why, When, and How?

D02 Zebras in the Herd: The Less Common Types of Diabetes


D03 Concentrated Insulins: All You Need to Know

D04A Effects of CGM Use in People with Type 2 Diabetes

D04B Using Apps for Carb Counting and More Accurate Insulin Dosing in People with Type 1 Diabetes

D04C Utilization of Diabetes-Related Medicaid Data to Drive Advocacy

D05 Population Health: Value-Based Care in a Technology-Driven World

D06 Let's Talk About Sex: Everything a Diabetes Educator Needs to Know

D07 Pediatric Diabetes Manual for Families: Guided Tour

D08 The Diabetes Educator's Role in Disaster Readiness, Response, and Recovery

D09 Medications: New and on the Horizon

D10 Utilizing ROI to Increase Insurance Coverage and Implement the DPP

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D12 Hypoglycemia Risk Mitigation, Part 1 - The Impact of Diabetes Education

D13 Hypoglycemia Risk Mitigation, Part 2: Inpatient and Outpatient Diabetes Education

D14 Business as Unusual! A Six-Year Evolution of Innovation, Collaboration and a Successful Community Type 2 Diabetes Program

D15 DPP Data Deep Dive: A Review of Data Collection Tools for Prevention

D16 Contemporary Approaches to Managing Diabetes in Individuals with Cardiovascular Disease

D17 Reducing Cardiovascular Risk in T2DM with SGLT2 Inhibitors and GLP1-Receptor Agonists: Translating Evidence into Outcomes

D18 "I Know What to Do, I Just Can't Get Myself to Do It.” The Relationship of Mental Health Issues and Diabetes

D19 Day-to-Day Measures That Matter: Standardizing Meaningful Outcome Measures Beyond A1C for T1D Consensus Statement

D20 Using Weight-Neutral Nutrition Education to Avoid Triggering Disordered Eating

D21  Innovative Strategies to Take the NDPP to a Hard-to-Reach, Busy, or Mobile Workforce

D22 Nurse Practitioners as Diabetes Educators: Proving Value and ROI in an Urban Academic Medical Center

D23 How Secure are Diabetes Devices?

D24 Performance Improvement Methodology to Decrease Rates and Recurrence of Hypoglycemia

D25 Inclusive Design: Access to DSMES for People With Diverse Sensory Abilities

D26 Treat the Causes of the Complications Comprehensively! Real Help for People who are Overweight and Obese

D27 Referrals, Advocacy and Reimbursement for DSMES

D28 Quality Improvement to Decrease DKA Admissions

D29 DANA by Divas: Using DANA for Integrating Technology in Practice

D30 It is What It Is - Except When It Isn't! Deceptive Diabetes Diagnoses



GS04 Peer Support Communities Improving Mental Health for People with Diabetes - Let’s Talk About it!

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M01 Evaluating the Impact of Year-Long, Augmented Diabetes Self-Management Support

M02 Money Matters in MNT and DSMES: Increase Your Reimbursement Now!

M03 Auctioning Off Health: Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program

M04 Facilitating Successful Self-Care for Older Adults With Diabetes

M05 Harnessing the Power of Telehealth

M06 A1C of 12%: Have You Thought Eating Disorder?

M07 The Role of Community Health Workers (CHW) in Diabetes Prevention and Control: Lessons Learned from States and Cities

M08 Physical Activity Behavior Change as Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes


">M10 'I Don't Need Those Damned Pills': New Perspectives on Understanding, Addressing Problematic Medication Persistence

M11 Adoption of New Devices and Technologies Among People and Providers: Overcoming Barriers

M12 Diabetes-Related Eye Disease: Bridging the Gap in Care

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M13 Plant-Based Culinary Skills for a Healthy Gut

M14 Resources and Best Practices for Newly Diagnosed T1D Young Adult Patients

M16A Sweet Sadness….Diabetes, Depression, and Inpatient Readmissions

M16B Diabetes-Related Eye Disease: Bridging the Gap in Care

M16C Success in Parenting Four Out of Five T1D Children and Still Living Life

M17 Delaying Diabetes Through the Lifespan: A Discussion of Three High-Risk Populations and the Challenges They Face

M18 Diabetes Neuropathies: Autonomic, Peripheral, and Neuropathic Joint Disorders

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