Diabetes Educator Level 1

About the Program

  • A detailed description of the Diabetes Educator Level 1 is in the document, Diabetes Educator Practice Levels (See Related Resources).
  • The content for this program is based upon the skills and knowledge defined for the Diabetes Educator Level 1 the Competencies for Diabetes Educators: A Companion Document to the Diabetes Educator Practice Levels. (See Related Resources).
  • Information about the programs is detailed in the FAQs (See Related Resources.)

Before registering for this program review all three documents for more information about the programs and to determine which program track and level is appropriate for you.

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Diabetes Educator Level 1

(Total CE hours = 47)

Applicants have nine (9) months from the date of program registration to complete all the coursework and program evaluation. The continuing education (CEs) credits indicated in the table below are available to nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists who successfully complete the activities. The number of credits are indicated in parentheses following the activity. Upon verification of completion of all required coursework and program evaluation you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Price: $495 Members and $595 Nonmembers

Diabetes Educator Level 1 Coursework

Online Courses

  • ABCs of Diabetes Care
  • Healthy Eating
  • Being Active
  • Monitoring
  • Taking Medication
  • Problem Solving
  • Healthy Coping
  • Reducing Risks
  • Facilitating Behavior Change

Recorded Webinars

(Webcasts are 60 minutes and 1 CE or 90 minutes and 1.5 CEs)

  • DSME Programs: Tips & Take-Aways
  • Immunizations and Diabetes
  • Patient-Centered Care: The Diabetes Education & Support Algorithm
  • Telemedicine for Improving Diabetes
  • Engaging Patients in their Care Using Connected Health
  • Diabetes & Mental Health
  • Management of Type 2 Diabetes with Comorbidity Obesity
  • The Management of Hypertension in Diabetes

Core Readings and Assessments

  • Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome*
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME): The Art & Science of Disease Management
  • Theoretical & Behavioral Approaches to Self-Management of Health
  • The Diabetes Self-Management Education Process
  • Diabetes Education Program Management
  • Chronic Complications
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Pregnancy with Diabetes

*Note: One activity is a small book on specific topic and will be mailed to you via U.S. Postal Service. The assessments for this activity will be in your online learning portal:

Practice Documents Readings

  • Diabetes Educator & Diabetes Paraprofessional Practice Levels
  • Competencies for Diabetes Educators and Diabetes Paraprofessionals
  • National Standards for Diabetes Education & Support
  • Community Health Worker in Diabetes Management & Prevention
  • Obesity and Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Diabetes Kidney Disease
  • AADE7 Self-Care Behavior™ Framework
  • Standards for Outcomes Measurement of DSME
  • Cultural Considerations in Diabetes Management
  • Communicating Effectively with Patients: The Importance of Addressing Numeracy & Literacy
  • Diabetes & Disabilities
  • Management of Children with Diabetes in the School Setting
  • Special Considerations in the Management and Education of Older Persons with Diabetes
  • Diabetes and Disabilities
  • Recommendations for Community-Based Screening for Prediabetes and Diabetes
  • DSMES in Type 2: Algorithm and Guidance
  • Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy
  • Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Using Glucose Meters
  • Teaching Injection Technique to People with Diabetes
  • Integrating DSME in the Chronic Care Model
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