Building Your Diabetes Prevention Program

How to Set Up Your DPP for Success and Sustainability

This activity is designed for diabetes educators, including RNs, RDs, Pharmacists and other health care professionals looking to start or improve a diabetes education program.

Participants who complete this workshop will have a better understanding of the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (NSDSMES) and an increased understanding of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) requirements. With this increased knowledge they will be able to implement new programs and strengthen existing programs to meet accreditation and recognition criteria based on the NSDSMES and implement the National DPP within their DSMES program.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the evidence base for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP)
  • List the Lifestyle Change Program participant eligibility, goals, curriculum delivery, and required documentation and data collection
  • Review and explain CDC’s DPRP standards and how programs can ensure success
  • Explain AADE's role in the National DPP and opportunities for DSMES programs and Diabetes Educators to house their own DPP program
  • Summarize and compare outcome data from the AADE DPP programs
  • Develop a business plan to implement a prevention program into an already existing DSMES Program
  • Considerations in the sustainability of a prevention program
  • Discuss opportunities for multiple payers scaling of your diabetes prevention programs
  • Discuss CPT codes for billing, coverage criteria for Medicare employer based reimbursement
  • Learn about additional support and resources nationally and in your specific state and community.


Members: $295
Nonmembers:  $445

2017 Dates/Locations:

April 7, 2017 - Dallas, TX 

Registration now open.

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