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Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 2

About the Program

  • A detailed description of the Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 2 is in the document, Diabetes Educator Practice Levels. (See Related Resources)
  • The content for this program is based upon the skills and knowledge defined for the Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 2 the Competencies for Diabetes Educators: A Companion Document to the Diabetes Educator Practice Levels. (See Related Resources.)
  • Information about the program is detailed in the FAQs. (See Related Resources.)

Before registering for this program, review all three documents for more information about the programs and to determine which program track and level is appropriate for you.

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Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 2 Program

Schedule: There are approximate 27 hours of coursework in this program.  Registrants have TWO (2) months from the enrollment date to complete the program.

Price: $175.00 Member and $200.00 Nonmember

DP Level 2 Coursework:

Online Courses

  • The Basics of Diabetes for Non-Clinicians
  • Teaching and Learning in Diabetes Education (2CE)
  • Cultural Competence for Diabetes Educators (2 CE)

Recorded Webinars: (Each webcast is 60 or 90 minutes)

  • What Goes Wrong in the Foot of a Person with DM (1 CE)
  • Diabetes-Related Eye Disease: Bridging the Gap in Care (1 CE)
  • Make Learning Fun: A Session Full of Ideas (1 CE)
  • Optimize Goal-Setting for Better Patient Outcomes (1 CE)
  • The Language of Diabetes (1 CE)
  • Delaying Diabetes Through the Lifespan: A Discussion of 3 High-Risk Populations & the Challenges They Face (2 CE)
  • Listen & Learn: The Perspectives of a Panel of People with DM (1 CE)

Core Readings and Assessments

  • The Diabetes Education Program Management (1.5 CE)
  • The Diabetes Self-Management Education Process (1.5 CE)
  • Theoretical and Behavioral Approaches to the Self-Management of Health (1.5 CE)
  • Healthy Eating (1.5 CE)
  • Being Active (1.5 CE)
  • Monitoring (1.5 CE)
  • Taking Medication (1.5 CE)
  • Problem Solving (1.5 CE)
  • Healthy Coping (1.5 CE)
  • Reducing Risks (1.5 CE)

Practice Document Readings

  • Diabetes Educator and Diabetes Paraprofessional Practice Levels
  • Competencies for Diabetes Educators and Diabetes Paraprofessionals
  • National Standards for Diabetes Education & Support
  • DSMES in Type 2 DM: A Joint Position Statement

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