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Diabetes Care and Education Specialist: Basic Certificate

About the Program

  • Before registering for this program, review the program descriptions to determine which track and level is appropriate for you.
  • For more information on the ADCES career path certificate program, please review the FAQs

When You Register for This Program:

All the activities will be loaded in your online learning portal and will be accessible following the receipt of an automated email confirming your registration.

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Diabetes Care and Education Specialist: Basic Certificate

Schedule: There are approximately 37 hours of coursework in this program.  You have THREE (3) months from the date of your program registration to complete all the coursework, program post-test,  program evaluation, and claim your certificate.

The continuing education (CEs) credits indicated in the coursework list below are available to nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists who successfully complete the activities. The number of credits are indicated in parentheses following the activity title.   There are 36.5 hours of CE in this program.  

Price: $495 Members and $595 Nonmembers

Diabetes Care and Education Specialist: Basic Certificate Coursework

Online Courses

  • Clinical Aspects of Diabetes (6)
  • Teaching and Learning in Diabetes Education (2 CE)
  • Individualizing and Optimizing SMBG (6 CE)
  • The Insulin Solution: Overcoming Barriers to Insulin Use (4 CE)
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Connecting the Dots (5 CE)

Recorded Webinars: (Webcasts are 30, 60, or 90 minutes)

  • 2020 ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes (1.5 CE)
  • A Focus on Behavioral Outcomes – AADE7 Revisions (1.5 CE)
  • Navigating Eating Plans in the Real World (1 CE)
  • Nutrition Education: Meeting People Where They Are and Supporting Behavior Change with Current Evidence (1 CE)
  • Successful Exercise with Diabetes and Mobility Disability: Limiting the Impact of Physical Limitations (1 CE)
  • Beating the Boredom: Using Different Teaching Techniques (1.5 CE)
  • Cultural and Health Literacy Considerations with Diabetes (1 CE)
  • Medications Update: New Treatment Recommendations and Emerging Therapies (1 CE)
  • What's to Come in 2020: Diabetes Technology and Treatment Updates (1.5 CE)
  • Teratogenicity of Diabetes & Diabetes Management in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (0.5 CE)
  • Embracing the Power of Technology to Help Emerging Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (0.5 CE)
  • Yours, Mine and Our Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes Management in Older Adult Romantic Couples (0.5 CE)
  • ADCES' Practical Approach to Mental Health for the Diabetes Specialist (1 CE)

Practice Documents Readings

  • National Standards for Diabetes Education & Support
  • DSMES in Type 2: Algorithm and Guidance
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