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Education & CE Opportunities

Becoming a CDE®

Find more information on eligibility requirements for becoming a CDE® with the NCBDE. 

Don't have enough experience to sit for the CDE® exam? Consider a certificate course with the AADE Career Path Certificate Program for Diabetes Self-management Education.


CDE® Prep Tools

CDE Preperation
Pass your upcoming CDE® exam with a variety of professionally designed tools by AADE.


Review Guide for the Certified Diabetes Educator® Exam, 4th Edition

 A comprehensive guide to help you pass the exam. Now includes:

  • two, 200 multiple choice questions 
  • an answer key provides answer rationale for each of the 450 multiple-choice questions 
  • self-assessment quizzes for each of the 3 sections of the CDE® exam
  • test-taking tips and strategies for passing the exam
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HiResDeskRef4th copy

The Arts & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference, 4th Edition

  A core reference for all diabetes educators. Includes: 

  • a great reference guide for in-depth information on CDE® exam topics
  • key concepts, skills & strategies to deliver diabetes education, management and support
  • addresses educational and behavioral challenges of your practice 

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CDE® Test Prep Toolkit - Bundle and Save!

Basic Edition 

Learn at your own pace using a combination of study guides and practice tests. Includes:

  • The Art & Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference, 4th Edition
  • Review Guide for the Certified Diabetes Educator® Exam, 4th Edition     

Standard Edition 

The Basic Edition toolkit plus: 

  • AADE Quick Guide to Medications, 8th Edition 
  • Dictionary of Diabetes Education

CORE Concepts® Course

Live Course

Consider one of our live CORE Concepts Courses to help prepare for the CDE exam. Over two days, attendees can will earn up to 22 CE while exploring the fundamentals of diabetes education.

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Online Course

Over nine weeks, participants are guided through the basis of diabetes education. Facilitated discussions and a communication forum allow for easy interaction among registrants and the instructors. Plan to spend 4-5 hours per week on course material and earn 22 CE. 

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CDE Exam Prep Self-Assessment

Focus your studying with this self-assessment tool designed to help you pass the CDE exam. Includes:

  • Feedback on what topic areas may require additional study
  • Answer rationales for all questions
  • 200 multiple-choice practice questions 

*The use of AADE products does not guarantee successful passage of the CDE exam. CDE is a registered mark owned by NCBDE. NCBDE does not endorse any preparatory or review materials for the CDE exam.
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