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danatech Diabetes Device Trainings

Access to industry training and support within the clinical practice setting is limited, especially around diabetes devices. The ADCES danatech Diabetes Device Training program fills that gap, improving your personal device knowledge and helping to qualify you as optimal candidates for the manufacturer’s private device certification programs, if interested. Participants earn a digital badge upon completion. 

Device training participants gain:

  • A deeper understanding of technical device knowledge indicators that correlate with the best use cases and device prescription.
  • Training to support people with diabetes who currently utilize or will start on the device.
  • Greater clinical and self-management outcomes.
  • Decreased device usage errors and adverse health events.
  • Increased device persistence, improved safety and mitigation of therapeutic inertia among people with diabetes.



Current Device Trainings

Note: This is a new program so check back frequently as new trainings are added.  

Omnipod DASH® System Deep Dive - Leveraging simple yet sophisticated technology for people living with insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes

Learn about key features and functionality unique to the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System, designed to simplify diabetes management. This informative webinar will cover a full product overview and demonstration along with case studies and Q&A with thought leaders in the diabetes community.


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