Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

9:00 -10:00am

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Hands-On Device Training: Eversense

Experience the Eversense® CGM system, the only long lasting implantable sensor for up to 90 days.   Learn the latest clinical data and exciting future product pipeline.  The unique attributes of Eversense enhance the patient experience, including a smart transmitter with on-body vibratory alerts for high and low glucose levels and a mild silicone-based transmitter adhesive.  

  • Learn about key features and benefits that Eversense offers your patients
  • See and touch the sensor and the silicone-based adhesive
  • Experience the Eversense Smart Transmitter
  • Learn about the insertion and removal procedures
  • Ask the Customer- Live Q&A with an Eversense Patient Ambassador

Speakers: Francine Kaufman, MD; Matt Callis, MBA

No CE/CME Provided. 


General Session: From Boiling to Lancing to Wiping to Glancing: A History of Glucose Monitoring

Sean Oser, MD, MPH

Glucose monitoring has changed rapidly in just these past few years. Explore the genesis of this new technology, its many benefits and how it can change the way you interact with your patients who have diabetes. 1.0 CE/CME


Breakout Session: Harnessing the Power of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Kathleen Eubanks-Meng, DO
Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES

CGM represents state-of-the-art care for people with diabetes. Join us as we demonstrate how to implement and sustain a CGM program in your practice setting. This session will summarize key research on CGM technology, review patient selection criteria, offer best practices for optimizing the use of CGM in real-time and provide insights to glean from CGM data. Learn how implementing a CGM program with assistance from a diabetes care and education specialist can decrease provider burnout. 1.5 CE/CME


Breakout Session: The Explosion and Integration of Diabetes Connected Technology

Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, BC-ADM, CDCES
Dhiren Patel, PharmD, CDCES, BC-ADM

The use of diabetes technology is exploding and ever changing, with new and improved insulin pumps, CGM, smart pens and mobile apps releasing on a near continuous basis. This session will provide an overview of the various types of connected devices, offer practice pearls on how to best support your patients using these technologies, and help you make sense of the data so that you can offer more person-centered therapy recommendations. 1.5 CE/CME


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CGM Hands-On Device Training: FreeStyle Libre 2

Learn all about the latest advances with the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM system. This workshop will empower you to efficiently educate on the device and utilize LibreView reports, as well as the FreeStyle Libre apps, to improve diabetes care. In this hands on experience, attendees will have access to touch and see the FreeStyle Libre 2 demo kit while facilitators educate on:

  • The key features of the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM system, including the FreeStyle Libre 2 app
  • The ease of education, set up and use of the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM system
  • How to access and share data with caregivers through the LibreLinkUp as well as healthcare providers/clinics through LibreView
  • How to efficiently review and interpret CGM data in LibreView reports
Speakers: Megan O’Neill, PA-C, CDCES; Michelle Yost, NP-C, CDCES; Angie Green, PharmD, BCPS; Anniece Spencer DNP, APRN, FNP-C, BC-ADM; Stephen Willis, PA-C; Sarjit Patel, PharmD

No CE/CME Provided. 


General Session: Interpretation of CGM Reports: Stop, Look and Listen

Richard Bergenstal, MD

The old warning at railroad crossings, Stop, Look and Listen is an appropriate starting point in the interpretation of CGM reports as we attempt to effectively cross over from an A1C to a CGM management era. To stop the current trend of clinical inertia and deteriorating A1C levels we will have to quickly cross two sets of tracks, first to get the CGM data automatically into the EHR and second to figure out how to effectively analyze and act on the CGM data. To achieve a robust and sustained improvement in glycemic management will require us to learn together, learn how to look at an AGP report and spot if action is needed and if so, precisely what action. .75 CE/CME


General Session: Diabetes Technology In Real Life - Stories of Successes, Challenges, and Outcomes

Anna Norton, MS
Chelcie Rice
Mila Clarke Buckley

Mila and Chelcie discuss their experiences as PWD utilizing CGM technology as part of their diabetes management plan. Moderated by Anna Norton, this panel will share insights on their experiences on accessibility and affordability of said technology, as well as discussions they shared with healthcare teams on utilizing data and reports to attain better outcomes. The panel will also touch on technology use among underserved communities and diabetes technology. 1.0 CE/CME


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Creating the Future of Digital Connectivity: The Convergence of Health and Wellness Data to Meet People Where They Are So They Can Thrive

This session will explain how proven digital health tools and technologies can offer people with diabetes the critical support they need and ease the burden of diabetes management for healthcare providers. LifeScan is creating a holistic digital wellness exchange that learns from consumers and grows with them to deliver the personalized and actionable insights that fit into their everyday lives and help improve outcomes. Included in the presentation is an exclusive preview of how Noom® behavior change program integrates their psychology-based education, tools, and coaching with OneTouch® Solutions  to help people with type 2 diabetes adopt healthier habits, lose weight, and improve blood glucose control.

Speakers: Lisa K Rose, Elizabeth H. Holt, MD, Siobhan Mitchell

No CE/CME Provided.


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Reception hosted by Lifescan

Get an inside look at the Industry Showcase during this evening reception. Enjoy light appetizers, refreshments and one-on-one time with industry representatives.

Saturday, December 11


Recap of Day One: Overview and Lessons Learned

Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, BC-ADM, CDCES
0.25 CE/CME


Breakout Session: Implementing CGM in Your Primary Care Practice: TIPS™ for Success

Sean Oser, MD, MPH

Implementing a new tool, technology or intervention can be daunting. This session will cover the ins and outs of implementing a CGM program in your practice and streamline the processes once you do. The presenters will walk through practice, provider and patient considerations for offering CGM through a primary care practice and review the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Transformation in Practice Series (TIPS™) CGM module of materials, activities and tools. 1.0 CE/CME


Breakout Session: Become a Technology Champion 

Anastasia Albanese O'Neill, PhD, APRN, RN, CDCES 
Vivian Nnacho Ayuk, PharmD, CDCES

CGM can be life changing for the person with diabetes. For the provider, it means your patients are following an algorithm suggested by the latest ADA Standards of Care for Diabetes. But most people with diabetes are not using a CGM. Help change that by learning how to become a Technology Champion. 1.0 CE/CME


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CGM Hands-On Device Training: Dexcom G6

The Identify, Configure, Collaborate (ICC) Framework, recently adopted by ADCES, guides healthcare professionals to implement and optimize technology-enabled services in a standardized way. In this hands-on session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Dexcom G6 Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (RT-CGM) System and the power of data analysis with Dexcom CLARITY software by implementing the ICC framework to simplify clinician workflow and improve diabetes management.

Speakers: Deborah Greenwood, PhD, RN, BC-ADM, CDCES, FADCES; Jami Klein, RN, BSN, CDCES; Jennifer Wenzel-Wamhoff, PharmD, BC-ADM, CDCES

No CE/CME Provided.


Breakout Session: Case-based Application of CGM DATAA

Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, BC-ADM, CDCES
Natalie Bellini, APRN, FNP-BC, BC-ADM 

This session will use real-life cases to demonstrate how CGM data is used to support the person with diabetes and help them make lifestyle changes and you make medication adjustments. It will also introduce a simple 5-step method for interpreting CGM data, the DATAA Tool: Download Data, Assess Hypoglycemia, Time in Range, Areas for Improvement, Action Plan. 1.0 CE/CME


Breakout Session: Ours vs. Theirs:  Professional vs. Personal CGM and How To Implement Professional CGM into Practice

Christie Schumacher, MD, BPCS, BCACP, BCCP, BC-ADM, CDECES, FCCP

The differences between professional- and personal-use CGM in the primary care setting, clinical aspects of when to use professional or personal CGM systems and practical aspects of starting and implementing a professional CGM program will be covered.  Case studies will be used to highlight important take home points. 1.0 CE/CME


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CGM Hands-On Device Training: Data-Driven Insulin Management Powered by Real-Time CGM

Gain a deeper understanding of  the potential of the Guardian Connect system and how it integrates with other technology to help people with diabetes and their clinical team optimize therapy through data driven decisions using Medtronic CareLink and Insights by InPen reports. Facilitators  will discuss:

  • Leveraging shared decision making with the Identify-Configure-Collaborate Technology-Enabled Framework to help people on insulin therapy make informed decision regarding continuous glucose monitoring and insulin delivery technology choices.
  • The power of the Guardian Connect CGM system including components and syncing with other insulin delivery devices.
  • How to set up CareLink clinic software.
  • Interpreting the data using CareLink, InPen reports and The Collaborative Counseling Strategy.

Speakers: Janice MacLeod, MA, RD, CDCES, FADCES; Laurie Jung, RD, CDCES

No CE/CME Provided. 


General Session: Monetize CGM: Maximize Your Practice’s Coding and Reimbursement


The benefits of CGM to people with diabetes and clinicians are now indisputable. The challenge that remains is setting up a practice with the optimal workflow, procedures and clinicians, optimizing coding and maximizing reimbursement. The goal: Don’t leave money on the table! 1.0 CE/CME 


General Session: Implementing CGM in Your Practice: A Health System Practice Perspective

Anthony Pick, MD
Justin Stang, CMA
Monica Joyce, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Learn from the Endocrinology Team at Northwestern University Medical Center as they review their team approach to diabetes care, including the use of innovative technologies. They will cover quality improvement processes to improve standardization and efficiency of CGM use and overcoming barriers to system change. 1.0 CE/CME

Please note: Hours and schedule subject to change.