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DSMES and Prevention Program Resources

Help people with diabetes achieve optimal outcomes while creating meaningful engagement with ADCES diabetes self-management education, support and prevention program resources.

ADCES Education: Publications



Diabetes Education Curriculum:
A Guide to Successful
Self-Management, 2nd Edition

Your all-in-one guide to meet the varying needs of your program participants. Includes instruction plans, discussion questions, and teaching and learning tips.

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CQI: Continuous Quality Improvement for Diabetes Education and Support Programs, 3rd Edition

An easy-to-read handbook covering the 8-step CQI process to help your DSMES program plan, implement, evaluate and maintain the improvements for their CQI projects.

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ADCES The Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education, 5th Edition

The Art and Science of Diabetes
Care and Education, 5th Edition

A must-have reference book for every DSMES program with detailed information on everything from complications to behavior management and transitional care.

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ADCES Education: Online Courses

Prevention 101: Learn diabetes prevention basics to prepare yourself to participate in CDC-recognized lifestyle coach training

CQI for DSMES Programs: Learn how to implement and evaluate an effective CQI project for your DSMES program

DSMES Program Management: Learn how to plan, implement, and maintain a successful DSMES program

DSMT Reimbursement Essentials: Learn the basics of reimbursement for DSMT, MNT, prediabetes, and other reimbursable services

Lifestyle Coach Training Online: Acquire the necessary skills to deliver a successful National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) at your site, earn a certificate of completion and a digital badge

ADCES Education: Webinars

Annual Reimbursement Update for 2020: Get ADCES' annual update on reimbursement issues and changes in 2020 for diabetes care and education specialists

Articulating Your Program's Value In Evolving Models of Care: Discuss how your role in DSMES adds value to your organization's goals and improving the lives of people with diabetes, despite the lack of reimbursement

Driver Health Over the Long Haul: Increasing Screening, Detection, and Referral into the Diabetes Prevention Program: Identify the unique challenges and health complications commercial drivers face around diabetes, and lessons to screen, test and refer patients into CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs for diabetes prevention
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Harnessing the Power of Telehealth: Gain practice tips and reimbursement considerations to adopt and expand your program into telehealth services, and learn how to develop a virtual ADCES-accredited program

How to Write an Effective DSMES Program Financial Plan: Ensure your DSMES program sustains financial stability and success by running it like a business

How To Write an Effective DSMES Program Marketing Plan: Develop a robust marketing plan to help increase referrals with practical tools

Implementation of Medicare Annual Wellness Visits by Diabetes Specialists in Evolving Healthcare Delivery Models: Recognize the value of and learn how to utilize the value of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit to increase referrals for diabetes prevention program and DSMES services

Running a Successful Diabetes Prevention Program: Learn tips for working with commercial payers on DPP program reimbursement and other Medicare billing opportunities
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Survival Strategies: A Panel Discussion to Manage and Grow a Successful Diabetes Education Service: Increase the reach, cost-effectiveness, and impact of your diabetes education services with strategies from a panel of seasoned experts who have implemented a variety of business and operations initiatives

Use of Outcomes Data and Marketing Strategies to Sustain Diabetes Programs: Determine quantifiable outcome data and documented improvements to promote your diabetes education program to leadership and increase monthly referrals from providers

ADCES: Workforce Training

Looking to bring specialized training directly to your staff? Host a live learning event at your facility:


ADCES Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training

Get the knowledge and skills you need to activate a diabetes prevention program in your community.

Accreditation and Reimbursement Boot Camp

Identify common reimbursement pitfalls and discover ways to collaborate with billing departments to successfully get paid while learning how to sell a diabetes education program (and other billable services) to organizational leadership to solidify a sustainable program in this ever-changing health care environment. 

Building Your Diabetes Prevention Program

Understand the CDC and CMS requirements to build a successful diabetes prevention program and how Medicare DPP builds on CDC preliminary and full recognition. Then, switch gears to sharpen the administrative, marketing, and technical skills needed to make sure your program is maximizing its enrollment, retention, and reimbursement opportunities!