National Standards and Reimbursement for DSMES Boot Camp

Your pathway to accreditation and reimbursement

The 2017 revised National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support have been released and it’s time to apply them to your program. With the helpful guidance of subject matter experts, attendees will identify common reimbursement pitfalls and discover ways to collaborate with billing departments to successfully receive reimbursement while gaining a better understanding of the payers involved. Learn how to sell a diabetes education program (and additional services) to organizational leadership to solidify a sustainable program in this ever-changing health care environment. ‚Äč7 CE

Get answers to your most pressing questions about the new standards:

Your Program

  • How should you communicate participant outcomes and education received back to the provider?
  • What are the best resources to find demographic data to describe your target population?
  • How do you create an individualized education plan while using the curriculum as a framework?
  • How do you build an ongoing support plan?
  • How do you carry out a Continuous Quality Improvement project?

Your Program Reimbursement

  • Are you billing for all services you could get paid for?
  • How should I structure conversation with my billing department to avoid claim denials?

Your DSMES Team

  • Who can be on the team and what training and credentials do they need?
  • Who is the Quality Coordinator and how do you implement this position within your services?

Your Stakeholders

  • Who are they?
  • How do you get their input and incorporate their feedback?
  • What information do they need and when should you reach out to them?

2018 Dates and Locations Coming Soon


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Nonmembers $299


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