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ADCES Education Resources for Dietitians

As a dietitian, you are an important member of the diabetes care team, whether you see many people with diabetes or only a few. The Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES) provides you with the vital practice resources, continuing education and responsive community to help you provide the best care possible for people affected by diabetes.

Check out our free tip sheets for your practice and clients including information on healthy eating and glucose monitoring as part of the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors™.  Find more resources and education below.

Not an ADCES member? Take a peek at just a few member benefits:

  • Learn everything you need to know about diabetes devices and technology on, our robust platform with always-current technology education, resources and innovations.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Certificate Program: Showcase your expertise in navigating this technical resource to help people with diabetes thrive in this free, member-only program (14.5 CE).
  • Free Continuing Education: Earn up to 50 free CE from a variety of webinars and online courses.
  • The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team Podcast: Hear from experts on perspectives, issues and updates to inform your practice and elevate your role. Each episode dives into a variety of topics that directly impact your work in diabetes, prediabetes and cardiometabolic care; from advocacy to technology to new ways to support your clients. 
  • ADCES Connect: Connect with other members, ask questions and get the latest updates in different areas of practice and interest, like Plant Based Nutrition.


Learn and Earn

Recorded Webinars

Annual Reimbursement Update for 2021 (1.5 CE)
Get your yearly update on the Final CMS 2020 Payment Rules as well as reimbursement issues and changes that may impact DSMT, DPP or MNT.
ADCES Members save $10

Cultural Competency, Health Literacy and Numeracy in Diabetes Care (1.5 CE)
Identify key patient cultural characteristics and signs of limited health literacy and discuss use of individualized diabetes specific language to improve diabetes focused health outcomes.
ADCES Members save $10

A Focus on Behavioral Outcomes – AADE7 Revisions (1.5 CE)
Dig into the newly revised AADE7, and understand how the revision of the framework refocuses on the person as an individual first, a primary focus on healthy coping, as well as additional tools to support the team practices.

ADCES Members save $10

Medical Nutrition Therapy to Reduce Risk for and Manage Cardiovascular Disease (1.5 CE)
Dive into case studies and gain strategies to individualize medical nutrition therapy for reducing cardiovascular risk and/or managing cardiovascular disease.
ADCES Members save $10

Nutrition Facts Label Update (1.5 CE)
Review the long overdue nutrition facts labeling changes, and create plans to implement into your practice.
ADCES Members save $10

Obesity Management for People with Type 1 Diabetes 
(1.5 CE)

Understand the changes in epidemiology for obesity in the U.S. and learn how to create a treatment plan for a person with obesity and type 1 diabetes, including non-pharmacological recommendations, antiobesity agents and antidiabetic agonists.

The Role of Dietary Supplements in Glycemic and Cholesterol Control (1.5 CE)
Learn how abnormal platelet physiology relates to the overall cardiovascular risk in people with type 2 diabetes, and understand new data in this area, as well as available therapeutics.
ADCES Members save $10


Online Courses

ADCES Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training Online
Gain the knowledge and skills you need to facilitate a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. By becoming a trained Lifestyle Coach, you’ll enhance your professional skills as you help people with prediabetes eat healthy, move more, and manage stress.
ADCES Members save $100

ADCES Advanced Lifestyle Coach Training Online Series
(7 CE)
After completing the ADCES Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training and successfully facilitating a CDC-recognized lifestyle change program, learn new strategies to engage participants, retain them through the year-long program, and promote positive behavior change. This series includes skill building in communications tactics, group coaching, facilitating behavior change, promoting self-management, and cultural competency.
ADCES Members save $50

AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors: Healthy Eating (1 CE)
Get a clear understanding of evidence-based information on nutrition and healthy eating – along with the ability to convey that information in a way that a person with diabetes can incorporate into their healthy diet.
ADCES Members save $10

Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Merging Patient Satisfaction with Data-Driven Glycemic Control 
(1 CE) 
Understand how to review and interpret CGM data to develop a personalized management plant with clients, and be able to collaborate with the diabetes healthcare team to improve adoption of CGM devices in practice.
Free to members and nonmembers

Browse the course catalog for the hot topics in diabetes education.


Supplement Your Studies for the CDCES® Exam

Take the CORE Concepts® Course

Offered in an online format, explore the depths of diabetes education through the lens of the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors®. Get access to valuable CDCES (formerly CDE) exam study tools like online study materials and CDCES exam practice questions.

ADCES Members save $100 on CORE Concepts Online

Additional Resources

Don’t have enough experience to sit for the CDCES exam? Consider a certificate course with the ADCES Career Path Certificate Program.

Must-Have Books for Every Dietitian

ADCES The Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education, 5th Edition

The Art and Science of Diabetes Care and Education, 5th Edition

A must-have reference book for every diabetes care and educaiton specialist with detailed information on everything from complications to behavior management and transitional care.

ADCES Members save $50

Quick Guide to Medications-9th edition

​Quick Guide to Medications, 10th Edition

A convenient pocket-size resource. Includes:

  • Current information for insulins, fixed-dose combinations and oral-glucose lowering agents
  • Storage guidelines for mixing insulins, prefilled syringes and pens  
ADCES Members save $4


ADCES Diabetes Education Curriculum, 3rd Edition

Your all-in-one guide to meet the varying needs of your program participants. Includes instruction plans, discussion questions, teaching and learning tips, and advanced information.

ADCES Members save $35

CDCES® is a registered mark owned by CBDCE. CBDCE does not endorse any preparatory or review materials for the CDCES® examThe use of ADCES products does not guarantee successful passage of the CDCES® exam. 

ADCES and CBDCE are separate entities that support each other in the advancement of the CDCES credential.


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