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Diabetes Education for Nurses

As a nurse, you are an important part of your patient’s care team. Whether you work in an inpatient or outpatient setting, you are the front line in providing accurate and relevant information to people affected by diabetes. It is vital to have the resources and knowledge you need at your fingertips to provide the best care possible.

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) provides continuing education and resources for diabetes self-management and therapy that can enhance your professional development as a nurse.

Earn CE with AADE

Webinars Cover important topics in diabetes education. Learn individually or as a group, catch the live airing or purchase a few weeks later on demand.

Live Webinars (1.5 CE)
May 30: Optimize Goal Setting for Better Patient Outcomes
Learn about the tools and resources you need to establish effective goal setting to better meet the challenges of behavior change among people with diabetes.

Recorded Webinars (1.5 CE)

Integrating Hybrid Closed-Loop Technology Into Your Practice

Gain an understanding of the first FDA-approved commercial hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system

Making Sense of Ambulatory Glucose Profiles and Downloadable Data 

Analyze and interpret AGP CGM data, and review how medications, lifestyle and insulin dosing techniques impact glucoses.

Digital Technology and Connected Health

Explore e-patient engagement, mobile apps, social media and digital platforms, as well as pumps, CGMs and hybrid closed loop systems.

Online Courses With over 11 topics to choose from, you are bound to find a course that suits your practice needs.

Pattern Management: Combating Clinical Inertia

Analyze blood glucose data in a systematic manner to intensify therapy and combat clinical inertia

Insulin Pump Therapy
Guide patients in all aspects of insulin pump therapy and help people with diabetes consider and use this important device

Gestational Diabetes
Understand the diagnosis and disease state, as well as management throughout pregnancy and beyond

AADE Career Path Certificate Program Confidence-building training for healthcare providers to deliver better care to people with diabetes

Diabetes Education and Prevention Program Workshops Learn how to build a successful DSMT program or take your existing program to the next level.

Readings with CE Find more CE on a variety of topics

Desk Reference, Chapter 12 & Post-Test: Transitional Care

Desk Reference, Chapter 22 & Post-Test: Acute Hyperglycemia

Desk Reference, Chapter 23 & Post-Test: Chronic Complications and Comorbidities

Desk Reference, Chapter 24 & Post-Test: Pregnancy with Diabetes

Desk Reference, Chapter 25 & Post-Test: Cardiovascular Complications of DM


A core reference for communication with Spanish-speaking patients. Includes key terms, phrases, and questions that you use on a daily basis when working with your people with diabetes and their families

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A convenient pocket-size resource. Includes:

  • Current information for insulins, fixed-dose combinations and oral-glucose lowering agents
  • Storage guidelines for mixing insulins, prefilled syringes and pens

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An adaptive resource to meet the varying needs of program participants. 
  • Based on the AADE7 Self-Care BehaviorsTM
  • Includes patient education handouts and resources
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Complete Nurse’s Guide to Diabetes Care: Diabetes care guidelines for every nurse who works with diabetes patients. Expert management plans for type 1, type 2, and associated disorders

Managing Diabetes: Senior Care: Learn to develop treatment plans that are appropriate for the life expectancy, functional status, and physical and cognitive abilities of your older patients with diabetes

Managing Diabetes: Complications and Comorbidities: Addresses chronic complications and comorbid conditions of diabetes, such as: skin disorders, emotional health, sexual dysfunction, and others. 

Managing Diabetes: Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Assessment and treatment strategies for prediabetes and metabolic syndrome, as well as how to manage complications, and the concerns of special populations

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Want to become a Certified Diabetes Educator®?

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Becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator is the best way to gain employment in diabetes management and support. Find out more information on eligibility requirements for becoming a CDE with the NCBDE.

Don’t have enough experience to sit for the CDE exam? Consider a certificate program with the AADE Career Path Certificate Program.

Study for the exam with our best-selling resources created by CDE's. Learn more

Knowledge is Power

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Nurses Week is here! Join our mission of Empowerment through Education: Inspire – Innovate – Influence. To celebrate and say thank you to our valued partner, AADE , Capella is offering four free CE webinars and grants ranging from $4,000-$7,500.

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  • The State of the Nursing Workforce: Millennials, Keeping it Real and Making an Impact

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