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COVID-19 has challenged healthcare and the services you offer. But one thing that has become very clear is the value you provide, to people with diabetes, prediabetes and other chronic conditions; the healthcare system; and the larger healthcare team. Your work changes lives. During National Diabetes Education Week, take a pause to celebrate the passion and dedication you bring everyday to your job.

Here are just a few stories of the way you’re changing lives.

How has a diabetes educator helped you?

Navigating a Diabetes Diagnosis During COVID-19 

For Bill, his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes came right as lockdowns started, creating a challenge that diabetes care and education specialist Diana Isaacs helped him overcome. Find out what she did to promote positive outcomes while staying safe. 

Adapting Inpatient Management Overnight 

Diabetes care and education specialist Jane Seley shares how her New York City-based hospital made quick and strategic changes in how they care for people with diabetes. Find out how her work saved lives in this ADCES podcast episode.   

New Name, New Opportunities

In January 2020, ADCES worked with a variety of stakeholders to update a specialty name that didn’t describe all you do for people with diabetes, prediabetes and cardiometabolic condition. We went from diabetes educator to diabetes care and education specialist, showcasing your full expertise integrating both the clinical and self-management aspects of diabetes care and education.

Because, as a diabetes care and education specialist, you get things done. You are a champion for all aspects of care. Click each box below to find out how you drive improved outcomes and support the full care team. 

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Engaging and Individualized Diabetes Education

Charged with a new name and new potential for growth, it’s time to leverage your services to ensure you provide the kind of care and guidance clients want. ADCES has developed a variety of resources to help you offer engaging, meaningful diabetes education in any setting – group, one-on-one and even telehealth.

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