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Glucose Monitoring

Basics and expert recommendations on self-monitoring of glucose

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Monitoring glucose - sometimes called blood sugar - is a critical part of managing diabetes. Whether you are using a blood glucose monitor or a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), these resources will cover the basics of glucose monitoring, offer tips and tricks from diabetes care and education specialists and experienced people with diabetes, and help you know when and how to check. 


Understanding Glucose Monitoring

Preparing For A Visit With Your Diabetes Care Team

Understanding Time in Range

Are you using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in order to help you understand your blood sugar numbers and learn how much time you're spending in your target range? If so, you should understand the concept of Time In Range, which is the number of hours you spend in your target range each day. This helps you better manage your blood sugar and stay healthy. Click on the tip sheet or video to learn more. 



Pocket Guide - Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Connecting the Dots

CGM Pocket Guide Cover

This pocket guide explains the differences between blood glucose monitoring (BGM) and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Learning about and living with CGM is explained in depth and is also illustrated with case studies.

CGM guide en español

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