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Being Active

Being active is an important part of being healthy. Sure, it helps you to lose weight, but it does more than that. It gets your heart rate up, burns calories and strengthens your muscles and bones. As a result, being active:


If you are active, great – but it doesn’t hurt to try to be even more active. If you’re not active, the idea of starting an exercise routine might seem too hard. But all it means is moving your body. Think of ways you can move as much as you can throughout the day – the more the better. So get creative!

Next, start thinking about an activity plan. That doesn’t mean you have to jog on a treadmill or take a spin class if that doesn’t sound fun to you. There are many things that get your heart rate up and burn calories. Some tips:

  • Think of things YOU like to do – that way you’re more likely to keep doing them
  • Take it slow – start with five or 10 minutes of the activity and work your way up to 30 minutes at a time, five days a week (or more, if you can)
  • Don’t overdo it! While you exercise, you should be able to talk, but not sing
  • Check your blood sugar levels before and after exercise to confirm what you’re doing is helping
  • Keep track of your activity , which will help you feel good about yourself
  • Find a friend to exercise with – you can keep each other going
  • Take a class at the park district or health club, perhaps something you’ve always wanted to try, such as salsa dancing, yoga or tennis
  • Join an adult league and play a sport you enjoy – anything from basketball to badminton
  • Mix it up – try a few different things so you don’t get bored

You can also download a flyer on being active – including a worksheet that helps you figure out the best ways for you to get active – here: 

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