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We're counting down the days to AADE15!

Whether you’re a regular attendee or a first timer, we have something new and exciting for everyone at AADE15.

You can find everything that you need to get prepared for your trip to New Orleans in August on MY AADE NETWORK. On the MY AADE NETWORK homepage, you’ll find a green link that will take you to the AADE15 landing page. We have provided three forums: 

Annual Meeting Discussions forum. Do you have any unanswered questions about traveling to the meeting? Unsure about how to plan out your schedule onsite? Need ideas on fun things to do at night in New Orleans? This is the place to get some answers!

Roommate Finder forum. Travelling solo? Save money and share a room with a fellow AADE member. Don’t be shy to put yourself out there- who knows? You could come back from AADE15 with a newfound friend!

AADE15 Playlist forum. We want to make every moment the Annual Meeting enjoyable, and what better way to liven things up than to create a jazzy playlist curated by AADE members! Suggestions are certainly not limited to the jazz genre, and will be played during the downtime at the AADE15 General Sessions. 

We can’t wait to hear from you! Head on over to MY AADE NETWORK today. See you at AADE15!

Take a deep dive into the trends of AADE15

Diabetes education, as with all of health care, is undergoing dramatic changes. New technologies are changing the way you interact with your patients and how they manage their blood glucose.

Many of you are seeing your new roles expand beyond diabetes to chronic disease management. With the Affordable Care Act, prevention is taking center stage. And the emphasis on the team approach is making collaboration more important than ever before.

When developing the educational program for AADE15, the Annual Meeting Program Committee focused on what they see on the horizon for 2015 and beyond:  


News and Activities:

Don’t let exercise stop patients in their tracks! Tips available online

Some see “exercise” as a dirty word. But it’s important that everyone – especially those with diabetes – learn to fit activity into their days to help manage their health. To provide ideas, AADE has a new tip sheet available for download about how people can benefit from activity without it becoming something they dread.

The tip sheet “ Don’t Let Exercise Stop You in Your Tracks” includes advice from AADE Treasurer and Spokesperson Karen Kemmis, PT, DPT, MS, CDE. It’s useful to share with patients who are looking to be their healthiest.

The tips are part of AADE’s professional and public outreach campaign and have been sent to national media outlets to raise awareness about diabetes educators and your expertise. So far, they have been featured in the media with recent articles appearing on and an interview with Karen on Doctor Radio’s “Rehabilitative Medicine” show, Sirius XM Channel 81. 

Want to learn more about AADE’s outreach campaign and get first access to more helpful tips and resources in the future? Email with your name and contact information. By signing up, you’ll receive 15 free copies of AADE’s provider brochure in the mail with insight on how to maximize your prescriber relationships.



Member referral contest heating up this summer

As an added incentive, for each member referral submitted, AADE members will be entered into a monthly drawing for gift cards that will take place throughout the summer. Multiple prizes will be awarded each month, which means more chances for you to win.

Referring someone is easy – all you have to do is complete a very brief online form, providing your colleague’s name and email address. AADE will do the rest, including following-up to provide information on how they can join.

Help AADE continue to grow its membership and start referring diabetes educators to your association today.



Priming Insulin Pens, Insulin Coverage through Medicare/Medicaid, and the Effects of a 3 AM BG Check: Find out what members are talking about on MY AADE NETWORK

AADE members are using MY AADE NETWORK to get their questions answered and reach out to other educators. Here are some of the conversations you may have missed this month…

Product Question 
Priming Insulin Pen 
(Western Pennsylvania LNG Discussions) 
“I had a conversation with a patient, he stated he is wasting insulin by priming the needle with 2 units. I took a demo pen attached a Nano pen needle, did the 2 unit prime and dialed 30 units twice a day as prescribed. This pen should have lasted 10 injections or 5 days. It came up 14 units short. Should we be instructing our patients to prime the Nano needles with 1 unit instead of 2?” 
Read More

Insurance Coverage Question 
Insulin Coverage through Medicare Part D and Medicaid 
(North Carolina Network Discussions) 
“My patient has been on Medicaid for a long time. Just got Medicare Part D. Is being told that since she has Part D and Medicaid that Medicaid will not pay anything towards her insulin. The cost of her insulin after Medicare's payment is over $400! If she had $400 to pay for her insulin, she surely wouldn't need Medicaid. Anyone have insight into this?” 
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Procedure Question 
Effects of a 3 AM BG Check on Prevention of AM Hypoglycemia 
(Inpatient Management COI Discussions) 
“Can anyone share your results on the percentage of improvement in hypoglycemia seen after initiating a 3 AM accu check?  We would like to start this, but there are concerns re: patient satisfaction and also increased risk of falls if patients are interrupted from sleep to have BG assessed.” 
Read More

As an AADE member, you can join in to one of these conversations, or start your own! Sign-in today to find out about the topics being discussed in AADE’s Communities of Interest, Practice Area Groups, and in discussion forums across the nation.



Are you taking the CDE® exam?

Study smarter with our up-to-date exam prep tools. From practice questions to test taking tips, our publications will guide you through the CDE ® exam and keep you on track for a career in diabetes education.

If you’re taking the fall exam be sure to check out our newly revised Review Guide for the Certified Diabetes Educator ® Exam . Find out more about CDE ® exam prep options. 

The use of AADE products does not guarantee successful passage of the CDE ® exam. CDE is a registered mark owned by NCBDE. NCBDE does not endorse any preparatory or review materials for the CDE ® exam.



Is your next career move retirement?

If so, congratulations! Did you know though you don’t have to leave AADE behind with your job? Keep your connection to improving diabetes management by renewing through our retired member category. 

This special membership is available for current members who have been a member for at least three consecutive years, who have left their job and are no longer employed.

Does this sound like a fit for you? Or might fit you shortly? Join our Post-Career Community of Interest just for members who are retired or thinking of retiring.

Here’s what Peg Salonek, RN, CDE had to say about the Post-Career Community of Interest:

“Other AADE members sharing what they are doing has spurred me to try some things I might not otherwise had done. I’m so glad this COI is available within this organization. Thanks AADE and Post Career members!”

Retired professional membership lets you stay in touch, grants access to MY AADE NETWORK – including the Post-Career Community – and enjoy discounts on programs and services including our annual meeting. 

Call us today to learn more at (800) 338-3633, option 3.



July CORE Concepts® Online is approaching

Are you planning to earn or renew your CDE ® this fall? Make the most of your time and investment by registering for an upcoming online CORE Concepts ® Course*.

Over nine weeks, participants are guided through the basis of diabetes education. Facilitated discussions and a communication forum allow for easy interaction among registrants and the instructors.

Plan to spend 4-5 hours per week on course material and earn 22 CE. As an AADE member, you will spend only $18 per CE!

July 6 - September 6

Register today for the summer session because spaces are limited. 
Is your summer schedule already jam-packed? Registration is now open for the final online CORE Concepts ® Course of 2015, which starts on September 21. Click here for more information and to register.

*The online CORE Concepts ® Course requires The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education Desk Reference, 3rd Edition. Please purchase separately.

The use of AADE products does not guarantee successful passage of the CDE ® exam. CDE is a registered mark owned by NCBDE. NCBDE does not endorse any preparatory or review materials for the CDE ® exam.



Summertime learning with live webinars

Spring has sprung and summer will be here before you know it. June is warming up with two great live webinars:

June 17   Reimbursement for Diabetes Education 
Learn the tips and essentials you need to conquer reimbursement for DSME. 
• Identify the types of healthcare professionals who are allowed to render and bill for Medicare DSMT and MNT benefits 
• Understand the ICD-9 diagnosis code which must be entered as the first diagnosis on a Medicare claim for the obesity therapy benefit 
• Describe the procedure codes and frequency (hours, visits) for both initial and follow-up Medicare MNT 
• Explore the business benefits of reviewing the reimbursement tracking reports regularly

June 24   Low Calorie Sweeteners- Where can they fit 
Take a look at low-calorie sweeteners and their role in diabetes nutrition planning. **This webinar is free for members** 
• Identify current categories of sweeteners 
• Recognize common uses and sweetness levels 
• Translate into potential benefits and impacts to healthy diabetes nutrition plans 

July 22   Nutrition: Focus on Sweeteners (Sweeteners, Part 2) 
Low-calorie sugars are naturally occurring, and soon you can expect to see more sweeteners like this appearing in prepared foods. **This webinar is free for members** 
• Learn to calculate the impact of low-calorie sugars, for both calorie-counting and blood glucose 
• Get tools to help people with diabetes manage their numbers, when consuming low-calorie sugars 
• Understand allulose, the recently FDA-approved low-calorie sugar 

Check back soon for the release of more Q3 live webinar topics.



The ABCs of Diabetes Education has been revamped!

AADE has released an updated version of the popular online course, ABCs of Diabetes Education. Learn the essential knowledge and skills needed as a clinician to enhance your work with patients with diabetes. This course includes:

• Videos presenting clinical situations that are relevant to each module 
• Multimedia lectures 
• Interactive exercises 
• Virtual case study discussions 
• Printable job aids 

And many more resources to support continued learning. If you are a nurse, dietitian or pharmacist interested in taking the first step towards becoming a diabetes educator, this is a great place to start. 

Click here for registration information. 

View the complete list of online courses here.



AADE14 Virtual Meeting: Register before it's too late!

AADE15 is around the corner, which means time is running out to register for the AADE14 Virtual Meeting!

See for yourself what all the excitement was about at AADE14 in Orlando, and earn up to 18 CE.

The Virtual Meeting has 11 webcasts on demandrecordings of the general sessions(featuring the keynote speakers) and access to session materials from AADE14.

Sign up today- registration closes on June 29th!


May 2015


Webinar - Reimbursement for Diabetes Education

Webinar - Low Calorie Sweeteners - Where can they fit 

This webinar is free for AADE members