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  • Key Learnings from the 2019 Friends for Life Conference for Diabetes Educators

    By AADE | Aug 14, 2019

    Matthew J. Naliborski
    AADE Foundation scholarship recipient Matthew J. Naliborski shares his key learnings from Children with Diabetes' 2019 Friends for Life Conference in Orlando. Highlights include the use of language in diabetes care and education, and shared decision making between providers and people with diabetes.

  • Take Action During the August Congressional Recess

    By AADE | Aug 05, 2019

    Members of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate have left Washington, DC for their home districts for the month of August. This presents a unique opportunity for advocates to connect with their legislators while they are at home.

  • diabeEducating the Public on Diabetes Self-Management

    By AADE | Jul 17, 2019

    Recently, a journalist made an insensitive comment about people managing their diabetes in public which angered many. Guest blogger Suzanne Lohnes share her response as both a diabetes educator and a person with diabetes who has often had to manage her diabetes in public.

  • ADA Time in Range Guidelines: What They Are, Their Importance and How This Affects Diabetes Educators

    By AADE | Jul 11, 2019

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology
    In June 2019, the American Diabetes Association published its first recommendations for time-in-range targets when using continuous glucose monitoring in research and practice. he recommendations were developed by an international panel of 43 physicians, researchers, and individuals with diabetes who are experts in CGM technologies and diabetes research and care in order to provide guidance for clinicians, researchers, and individuals with diabetes to utilize, interpret and report CGM data in routine clinical care and research.

  • Don’t Miss a Beat: Diabetes Medications and Cardiovascular Outcomes

    By AADE | Jul 02, 2019

    Given that people with diabetes can be at high risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, healthcare professionals should consider therapies with proven benefit in people at risk for cardiovascular events. This blog post summarizes the effects some diabetes medications have on cardiovascular disease and presents factors to consider when initiating medications in people with type 2 diabetes.

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