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Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE

Barbara Walz

Howdy from San Antonio, Texas. My name is Barbara Walz. I am an RN, BSN and have been a certified diabetes educator since 1986. (Wow! That seems like a really long time…I like to tell people I was in a work/study program in Junior High!) Joking aside, I am very fortunate to have worked extensively for the last 25 years in diabetes care and education.

Since 2000, I have coordinated a multi-site diabetes study examining the macro-vascular effects of diabetes at the South Texas Veterans’ Healthcare System under the supervision of Dr. Ralph DeFronzo. Prior to this project, I was a nurse manager and director of a diabetes center, during which time we had many “firsts” in San Antonio - first patient to be placed on an insulin pump, first patient to receive human insulin, and first patient to use an insulin pen. It was a very exciting time!!

I am actively involved with the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), where I have held leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. I am also active on several sub-committees at the Texas Diabetes Council. In my private life, I have two sons and enjoying “playing” at my lake house.

Recent Posts:

  • What Will AI Help Us With Next?

    By Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE | Feb 06, 2018

    Barbara Walz recently listened to a radio show on artificial intelligence (AI), and it got her thinking about how it's already changing the diabetes world. What do you think AI will help us with next in diabetes?

  • A Diabetes Technology Revolution

    By Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE | Nov 17, 2017

    Barbara Walz is excited to be involved in diabetes during this recent technology revolution. She breaks down a few of the most recently released and FDA-approved tools for diabetes management.

  • After Hurricane, Educators Swung into Action

    By Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE | Sep 22, 2017

    Barbara Walz describes the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, TX and how educators immediately mobilized to get people with diabetes much-needed supplies.

  • Confusing Carbs

    By Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE | Aug 17, 2017

    When one of Barbara Walz's patients had trouble understanding carbs in her diet, she took extra time to discuss them with her in different ways. Which strategies do you use to help your patients understand carbs?

  • Remembering a Great Mentor

    By Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE | Jul 13, 2017

    Barbara Walz remembers friend and colleague Dr. Charlie Reasner, who recently passed away. He contributed to the field of diabetes in his work with the University of Texas, the Texas Diabetes Council and DiabetesAmerica.

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