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Diabetes is Not A One Size Fits All Disease

May 9, 2016

Diabetes is not a one size fits all disease. As an organization committed to helping people with prediabetes and diabetes, along with their caregivers, successfully manage their condition, we believe that health plans and insurance companies should offer a variety of choices among diabetes devices and products. 

We urge all insurers to join with diabetes educators in recognizing that people have individual needs and that allowing the person with diabetes to obtain the tools that make diabetes care easier to achieve will help them over the long term. Additionally, this will benefit our healthcare system to realize clinically- and cost-effective outcomes. 

Diabetes educators play a significant role in counseling people and their caregivers on the selection of devices, learning how to use them effectively, and utilizing the data to make adjustments and help them improve their control. We strongly encourage diabetes educators to continue to counsel their patients to ask questions — of their health care providers, health plans and insurance companies — and to insist that they are covered for the equipment that best suits their individual needs. 

We also call on insurers to more proactively seek the input of those affected in their decision making. Making decisions without the clear input of those who are paying for the coverage and are the most impacted is not acceptable. 

AADE’s strategic plan places the needs of the person with diabetes and their caregivers front and center, and has long been on the front lines advocating for choice, most recently working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to fix flaws in the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program. We will continue to work on these issues and on arming diabetes educators with the information and tools they need to advocate for people with diabetes.  


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